Show Team Throughout The Years

Huzzah, Treharris Open Show 2013 (aged 17 months)

Lydia and Kaegen on their way to Best Puppy in Show, Pontypridd and District Open Show 2013. (Aged 9 months)

Kahn (Kawa's Intrepid Von Das Erbe)

Kaegen, Royal Welsh Spring Festival, May 2014 (aged 23 months)

Huzzah, Royal Welsh Spring Festival 2014 (Aged two years)

DeeDee (Ch Loupie's Three Little Birds At Pontshannon) Royal Welsh Spring Festival 2014.

Kaegen (aged two years)


(aged 4 years)

Romanii (My Boy Romanii) (aged two years)

Kendra (Dasval Valeria Messilina) Age 6 months

Harvey (Grovelea Hip Hop) age 22 months.

Huzzah, Crufts 2015 (Age 2 years)

Kendra (aged 22 months)

Madog (aged 12 months)

Hope (aged 14 months)

Gus  (Kenquartz Berrylicious)

Kendra (aged 2 years)

Hope (aged 2 years)

Huzzah (Aged 5 years)

Madog (aged 2 years)

Kendra (aged 3 years)

Zeeva (aged 6 months)

Hope (Aged 3 years)

Reserve Best in Show

RBIS Tredegar Limit Show 2018

Gabi (New Angels Pretty in Pink Imp JW ShCM)

Huzzah (Beanara Njals Sage at Lyzahro) Aged 6