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Welcome to the homepage of Lyzahro Schnauzers. Here you will find all the information, news and updates from the Kennel, along with show results and photographs of our handling team. We hope you enjoy looking around, and getting to know us a little better!

"You wont find faith or hope down a telescope, you wont find heart and soul in the stars. You can break everything down to chemicals, but you can't explain a love like ours" (The Script)



(Beanara Njals Saga At Lyzahro VW)


Stud Book Number


(Zantanas Somthing Special Lyzahro (Imp SWE)


(Debutant Vom Schloss Erhenberg Mit Das Erbe ShCM VW)


Multiple BVIS/BVIG

/BVIB Winner


(Habanera Eldzh Hope For Lyzahro Imp UKR)




Stud Book Number


(Saraswati Bonno Blue With Lyzahro Imp MKD)


Kendra (Dasval Valeria Messalina ShCM)


2x BCC



(Lyzahro White Here White Now)

Another slice of history at Lyzahro

2020 has kicked off in style here at Lyzahro, both for the minis and Kaegen!

The last week of 2019 saw Kaegen transferred into joint ownership between Lydia and Jo, with Lydia taking over the reigns of the campaigning from now until Kae's retirement from the ring. She ended 2019 with three Best Veteran in Show wins, and only 6 points left on her Veteran Warrant. The pair wrapped it up in style at Swansea Open Show, winning the Veteran Working Group, and clinching the final points for the title. This makes Kaegen the first Giant to win the VW, and the second ever schnauzer, behind our one and only Huzzah!

Both Kae and Huzzah stated the Championship Show year in style, with respective Best Veteran in Breed at Manchester Championship Show. They have both received invitations to Schnauzer Showcase Veteran of the Year, and Welsh Veteran of the Year as a result of their superb campaigns over the last 12 months.


Ladies and Gents, this is the moment you've waited for.... (shamelessly stealing a line from my favourite musical there).

Here he is. The newest member of the Lyzahro Show Team. We are so excited and very, very proud to present...


(Lyzahro White Here White Now)

Show debut: May 2020. 


Having kept us firmly on our toes for 8 weeks, the Famous Five flew the next three days after Christmas. We have chosen their new families with utmost care, and have spent 6 months or more getting to know them all. Each of our pups have a very distinct personality, and we have done our absolute best to match each puppy to the correct family. 

For those of you who followed our puppy journey on facebook, you'll know these guys better by their nicknames. 

Gandalf spent his life with us as VetBill (after costing us £200 just to come into the world late on the Friday night! Zeeva was fine, just too exhausted to push any longer, after having the first five puppies, and after three hours wait, we decided to take vetinary care to ensure the safe delivery of this young man). He is now living in the West Midlands with his owner Charlie, who we know was so very excited to have his own puppy.

Rhoswen, previously known as Karen, now lives in Somerset with her two new siblings, Tessie (a truly fantastic puppy farm survivor) and Fitz. She is lively and hilarious, and definitely takes after her mother.

Chloe, who was christened Squeaker during her time with us (no prizes for guessing why!), lives happily down South with her new staff. She is cheeky, demanding and will not doubt have her family wrapped around her paw in no time.

Sherman, who was known as Tank while under our roof, has made the journey to Scotland with his new family, and has settled in very well. He is outgoing and energetic and he is proving to be quick to learn and very eager to please. 

For those of you keeping score, yes, that does only make four out of five. Sit tight... Five is coming.

Sharon, Charlie and Gandalf

Lynda, David and Rhoswen

Kirsten, Ray and Chloe

John, KJ, Chloe, Calum and Sherman

Huzzah Makes History

Huzzah made breed history on Remembrance Sunday 2019 when he became the first Miniature Schnauzer in the UK to be awarded the Kennel Club's Veteran Warrant award. 

The award was brought in January in 2019, and there has been a scramble among the breeds to be the first to win it in their respective breed. We have been supported by some wonderful friends and their Veterans, including Bethan Wiliams (Trebettyn) and the fantastic Kevin, the first German Spitz to gain a VW, and Janet Rice (Ricox) and Alfy, who was the first Tibetan Spaniel to gain his. Huzzah decided to take his final points in style, winning the Utility Veteran Group at Neath and Port Talbot Open Show under respected judge Gary Quest. 

At the time of writing, the KC have confirmed to us that Huzzah is not only the first mini, but the first of all three sizes of schnauzer to be awarded the VW.  

Huzzah is truly a special dog to us, and we are so lucky to share our lives with him. 

The Next Generation of Team White.

We are thrilled to announce the safe arrival of the next generation of Team White! Zeeva produced six beautiful babies on November 1st. Three boys and three girls have landed in our home. 

Sadly Zeeva lost one of the girls in the early hours of Monday morning, but the remaining five are thriving and gaining weight well. Our prospective owners are all very excited, and have been avidly watching the progress of the babies on the newly nicknamed "potato cam". Huzzah has taken his role as Step Father seriously, and we can barely get him out of the puppy room!

The Future Is Looking All White At Lyzahro.

We are very excited to announce that Team White are expecting a litter! Zeeva is our expectant mother, and our puppies are due at the end of October. The father is Merlin, more formally known as FCI Int Ch Chelines Morning Has Broken at Nenevale (Imp Esp). We are thrilled to have been able to use this really special lad and can't wait to see what this exciting combination brings us.

Thank you to everyone who has enquired, however due to such extensive interest, the waiting list for this litter is now closed.

Girls Day Out At Langstone

The Lyzahro Team headed off to Langstone to join forces with Hailey, Gabi and Molly for another great girls day. 

Up first was the working Group, with Lydia taking to the ring with Molly in her debut in the UK. Gabi, determined not to be beaten by her mother, who put in a foot perfect performance, not only won the class, but Best of Breed and a fantastic Group 2! Lydia and Molly had a good start to their partnership, bringing home a very respectable second in Open. Keep an eye out for this team across the UK from now on!

Kaegen showed her class to bring home not only the class win and Best of Breed, but another Best Veteran in Breed to boot! Nothing more was to come in Best Veteran in Show, but she has added another 4 points to her Veteran Warrant Claim!

The Minis then took to the ring, with Hope beating Zeeva and winning Post Graduate, and Huzzah taking Open by storm, and challenging his kennelmate in the line up for Best of Breed. This head to head was won by Hope, who sparkled like it was her job!

Huzzah rocks in Carmarthen

A week after the wedding, and Lydia was back in the ring with the mini Team, as if nothing had happened! Huzzah was the star of the day, bring home his first Best Veteran in Group! He acquitted himself with style and aplomb in the big ring at the end of the day, and despite not bringing home any more ribbons, Lydia was absolutely delighted with him. He now has only 10 points to go before he completes his VW award!

A Lyzahro Wedding

On a rare weekend away from the ring, something completely non-dog related, and rather wonderful happened. The long awaited wedding of Lydia and Austin took place in the Brecon Beacons in their family church. 

Family and friends gathered to celebrate, with several people taking time out of the ring to join them. Notably, the Penbro Team of Beccie and Laurie Woods joined them to celebrate, having driven back from Blackpool Championship Show the day before, and with the prospect of a late drive back to Taunton before heading off to Glastonbury the day after!

The sun shone, and the pimms was flowing, and the day could not have been more perfect for the pair. 

(While we say it was non dog related...there were definitely a few familiar faces sneaking into the day!)

Kaegen Sparkles in West Wales

Following Kaegen's spectacular return to the ring at Three Counties, the team were ken not to let grass grow, and returned to the ring at Pembrokeshire Open Show. The minis were up first, with the Zeeva bringing home a third, Hope a first and Huzzah a second. Huzzah also added to his points tally for his Veteran Warrant with a third in AV Veteran. Kaegen strutted her stuff in the breed class, winning it, and Best of Breed in some style. In a very strong working Group, she also brought home a Group 4, and Best Veteran in Group. The long wait for Best Veteran in Show was to follow, but with the company of good friends, the time soon passed. Kaegen put in a truly superb performance in the big ring, so much so that the judge was unable to stop glancing back over to her, and ultimately awarded her the title!

The following day (because sleep is clearly for the weak!) the team headed slightly closer to home, and ended up in Pontypool for Chepstow Open Show. Kaegen again brought home Best of Breed, but was not to match her form from the previous day, only bringing a second back from the AV Veteran class. 

Hope did the honours for the minis, bringing home Best of Breed over and above her kennelmate Zeeva, who added another class win to her tally. Huzzah kept the points ball rolling with another second in AV Veteran behind Kevin and Bethan. 

The Results Are In.....

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we have had the results back for Zeeva (Zantanas Somthing Special Lyzahro Imp Swe) from her MAC test at Laboklin labs. Zeeva is now officially clear/unaffected for MAC!


So here we are, exactly half way through the show season for 2019. A mixed bag so far, but none the less we are pleased.

Southern Counties at the beginning of June saw Madog seal that elusive Crufts Qualifying place, by bringing home a class win with Lydia on the end of the lead in Post Graduate Dog under respected all rounder Mark Cocozza. He followed this up with Anne at Three Counties with a second in the same class. Huzzah came home with a second from Veteran, Zeeva a third from Yearling, and Hope adding to the list with a very respectable fourth in a strong limit bitch class at Southern Counties. Three Counties saw the girls fare less well, both in fantastic classes, but coming home unplaced. Huzzah returned to sparkling form with another Best Veteran in Breed. 

The Three Counties weekend saw the long awaited return of Kaegen to the Giant ring, debuting as a veteran herself! Safe to say, the Dream Team's return did not go unmarked, with Kaegen and Lydia bringing home not just a first in Veteran Bitch, but Best Bitch, Best Veteran and Best of Breed to boot! No awards in the main ring, but the pair were so clearly delighted to be back together.

Huzzah Struts His Stuff In the Big Ring At Bath.

May bank holiday can only mean one thing... Bath Championship Show. Usually four days of mud, wind and rain, Saturday suprised us by being not just sunny, but hot! The working dogs were first up, and while Kendra was taking a break from the ring, Lydia took the reigns of a very young and fresh puppy called Dash for a good friend of the team Kim. Dash was able to show some lovely movement, but his nerves showed through, and he struggled to let the judge, Jeff Luscott, go over him. He won the class, and moved out well in the line up, so overall it was a positive experience for the young lad's first day out. 

Lydia then took the lead of the Newfoundland Gabi, who she partnered to Best of Breed in Bridgend back in March, as her owner Hailey had damaged her knee so badly that she was not able to run. They headed into a strong class of 11 in Limit Bitch under Jeff Luscott, who looked suprised to find Lydia on the opposite end to something hairy for a change! The pair put in a truly beautiful performance, and came away with the win, much to Hailey's delight. They returned to the ring for the Bitch challenge, and with Hailey watching through her fingers, they showed their class as a team, and were awarded the Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate!

Mini Day was on the Sunday, and in a fit of sentimentality Lydia had only entered Huzzah, wanting a day out with her boy. Clearly it was a decision well made, as with no other distractions, Huzzah made history by winning Best Veteran in Breed, and became the first white mini to take to the Best in Show ring in the Veteran Group! While he did not get placed in the Group, which was a mix of the Utility and Hound Groups, comprising of 30 dogs overall, he was able to showcase his character and big movement around the main ring, and put in a performance worthy of the arena.

Spring Round Up

After Crufts and the Showcase, life rather caught up with us! The weekends passed in a whirl of shows, and with a very special birthday for one of the team. 

The end of March saw the Team attend the Schnauzer Club Show, and under respected Judge Mr Espen Engh, we brought home a myriad of placings from 1st to 5th. Huzzah held onto his crown as Best Special White, with Zeeva in fourth and Madog in fifth. Mr Engh was highly complimentary about the team, and commended us for our hard work with the colour, which was humbling. 

April saw a flurry of open shows, and Huzzah's birthday! Huzzah passed a huge milestone, turning seven on the fifteenth of the month. He celebrated his birthday in style, winning Best Veteran in Match that very evening! His veteran career has started in style, and he is in his element. We may have finally found his niche.

 The open shows saw the team have a mixed set of results, with Hope carrying off most of the honours, with two Best of Breeds back to back at West Country Open, and Royal Welsh Spring Festival, with a Group Three at RW to boot! Huzzah, not wanting to be outshone, brought home Best of Breed at Aberystwyth, and has held his own in the AV Veteran groups, coming second to two champions in both outings. He is starting to rack up points towards his Veteran Warrant, and we hope he will be the first Miniature Schnauzer to win this new award from the Kennel Club.

Schnauzer Showcase 2018

Hope rounded off her "Of The Year" competitions with her attendance at Schnauzer Showcase, run by the Schnauzer Club of Great Britain. The Lyzahro team has been invited to take part in this prestigious event twice before, once in 2015 and again in 2018 with Huzzah and Madog in the Special Newcomers catagory. This time, the team returned for the main competition and Hope was prepared to sparkle in the company of the big winning dogs of the year. While she did not make it out of the first round (after being drawn against the top dog from last year), she put in such a fantastic performance, and absolutely deserved her place in the competition.


Habanera Eldzh Hope for Lyzahro Imp UKR 1x RCC

Bred by Vytoria Borysova

Owned and handled by Lydia Williams


The week following Crufts, Hope and Lydia headed off to Tredegar for the second of their "of the year" competitions, this time it was South Wales Dog of the Year 2018, and in very good company. Hope absolutely sparkled in the ring, and delighted Lydia by shooting through the first round under terrier judge Paul Newman. Gabi and Hailey also went through, which meant that they went head to head with Lydia and Hope in a moment of de ja vu from the Limited Dog of the Year competition three weeks earlier, and again, under a working specialist judge. The foursome put in lovely performances, with Lydia and Hope coming out on top this time round!

The quarter finals saw Lydia and Hope taking on Kacey and Porsha the Japanese Chin, in another fantastic show of good sportsmanship between good friends, with Hope bowing out to Porsha in a hotly contested round.

We are so very proud of Hope, and can't wait for the third and final "of the year" contest, which sees her go up to Coventry to the Schnauzer Showcase in April.

Crufts 2019

It's that time of year again! Crufts 2019 is upon us again. The build up has, as always, been full of excitement and madness. Zeeva joined the team on the green carpet for the first time, and absolutely sparkled. 

First up were the Giants, with Major and Kendra taking a 5th in Limit Dog and a 4th in Open Bitch respectively. In such large classes, any place is an achievement, and both dogs put in beautiful performance. 

Sunday saw the Minis take to the ring, and Madog and Anne were first in the ring in Post Graduate Dog. The pair put in such a smooth performance, and really seemed to enjoy themselves. Lydia and Huzzah followed in Limit Dog, and put in their usual high energy performance, leaving the spectators laughing about Huzzah's clownish antics. 

Lydia then disappeared over to Hall 4 to handle her newest charge, a lovely 5 year old Tibetan Terrier bitch called Lexi. For a first time meeting, the pair put in a great performance in a very strong mid limit class.

Reappearing in the mini ring like a tornado, Lydia and Zeeva shot into the ring alongside Lisa and Rayna, and while neither girl was placed, Zeeva put in a beautiful and mature performance for such a young lady. Hope was then piloted by Ewa Highland of Funflash, as Lydia was struggling with the aftereffects of two days running around handling everyone else's dogs!

The minis did not place again this year, but their performances were superb. They were relaxed, happy, and a real credit to us and their breeders.

2019 is The Year of the Girls.

Hope and Zeeva spent 2018 showing exactly who they were, and qualified for several "Of The Year" competition. First up was Hope, taking to the stage in the Wales Limited Dog Shows Dog of the Year competition. Lydia and Hope travelled deep into the heart of West Wales with Hailey and Gabi. The trip soon descended into hilarity when the sat nav in Hailey's van decided to take them on the strangest route, down roads that barely existed, and where signal and signs of life were non existent. 

The entertainment did not stop there, on arrival to the venue, the toilets appeared to have stepped straight out of a horror film, and left the pair swearing blind that they would not need the toilet for the rest of the day. The draw for the first round soon started, and just to add to the hilarity, Gabi and Hope were drawn against each other! Hailey and Lydia could barely stand up for laughing, and the strength of their friendship was on show throughout the day, as Lydia leapt up and down and cheered every time Gabi went through a round. 

The Spring match followed, and Hope took this as her time to shine, and came home with Reserve Best in Match!

Two weeks later, Zeeva took to the stage, having qualified for the Junior of the Year competition. A shorter journey awaited them, as the competition is only down the road in Builth. Anne joined them for a day out, and they met up with Leanne and Hailey for another relaxed day with their dogs. Zeeva was not drawn until the afternoon session, so Lydia got to enjoy the morning session, and a very good lunch! Zeeva put in a wonderful performance in her round, but lost out to a beautiful bullmastiff. 

In recognition of Hope's fantastic year in the ring last year, we have had this beautiful poster made by the very talented Donna Jones at Bard Art and Design! 

While Hope's wins might be very small to some people, especially those who win big on a regular basis, we are incredibly proud of what she has achieved in the space of twelve months, and want to celebrate her fulfilling some of our long held dreams.

After all, she is Queen of Everything.

The Team Dont Need Lydia To Shine in Swansea!

The second saturday in February is dedicated to Swansea and District Open Show, where last year Lydia and the Whites did the double, taking Best of Breed and Best Puppy with Huzzah and Zeeva. This year saw Lydia taking the weekend off to join friends on the South Coast, and Anne take Huzzah, Hope and Madog to West Wales. 

Hope was first up, expertly piloted by Kacey-Leigh, and the pair sauntered into 1st place in Graduate. Huzzah and Madog went head to head in Open, with Sian and Anne on the ends of their leads. With Lydia waiting anxiously for news in a Service station on the M3, the class seemed to take a long time to come to the end. The results went the way of Lydia yet again, with Huzzah taking the win, and facing his kennelmate in the challenge for Best of Breed. Hope, continuing her current run of form came away with the ribbon, and with Kacey firmly in control, the pair put in a good showing in the Group. No other awards were coming their way, but Lydia was delighted, and, as many exhibitors joked around the ring, the "B" team ought to come out more often!

Zeeva Takes The Stage

Two weekends into the new show year and the alarm clock rang ridiculously early at Lyzahro. A 4am start saw the Team hit the M5, heading north to Stafford for Manchester Championship Show. Joining them was Kendra, in an unusual set up for a General Championship Show, as the two breeds are not normally scheduled for the same day. 

 With Anne along for the ride, in case the Giants and Minis clashed, Lydia and the Beards drove through the early morning, to meet up with Rachel and Ra from Quintastiqe. Huzzah started the day with a performance that left a lot to be desired, as he was more interested in any and all girls than doing his job, but he still managed a second place in Limit Dog. Zeeva was second in the ring in Post Graduate Bitch with the big girls, and to Lydia and Rachel's delight, came out with the win! She put in a lovely performance in the challenge, but was well out classed by her opposition. Her day will come, but she has plenty of time. Hope rounded off the Mini's day with a fourth in a strong class. 

Kendra then took to the ring, and came out with a third in Limit Bitch.

Hope Starts The New Year In Style

The New Year has started here at Lyzahro, and with that comes Welsh Kennel Club Open Show. The Team headed off to Neath to meet up with our friends new and old. The Team kicked off the year going head to head in the Open class, with young handler Kacey Green piloting Hope for the first time, and with Zeeva taken at the last moment by a very kind lady who had recently taken BOB in French Bulldogs, and they were joined in the ring by Val and Mia. 
 Huzzah was a little overexcited at first, and decided to go around the ring at top speed for the first go round, but settled by the time he got on the table. He decided to be wombat when Lydia swapped to handle Hope, and decided to play Kacey up and deliberately fell over! Hope, also infected by her brother's idiocy, started her go around by trying to eat Lydia's shoes, and had to be reset before carrying on. Once she had pulled herself together, she put in a foot perfect performance. Zeeva was a happy little soul under her new friend, and put in a lovely round as well. 
Hope's performance was rewarded with Best of Breed under respected judge Chris John, with Huzzah in third and Zeeva in fourth. Hope and Lydia returned to the ring for the Group and in a fabulously strong group came away with a Group 2!!

Happy New Year From Lyzahro Schnauzers.

2018 is steadily drawing to a close, and it's time to sit down, open the wine and look back at our spectacular year. It started slowly enough, with Hope being in the vets to be spayed in the January, after her illness last year. She took a long time to recover from it, and only really bounced back to her sparkling self at the end of the year. That's not to say she didn't hold her own in the ring in the meantime however! She had had a truly phenomenal year, winning Best Black Speciality in all three Club shows for the second year running, taking several Best of Breeds at Open show level, culminating in a Group 1 at Tredegar Open Show, and a Reserve Best in Show at Tredegar Limit Show in April. The highlight of her year was winning the Reserve CC up in Scotland under Martin Freeman, on what was a history making day for our kennel. She has ended the year having competed in Wales Top Dog, and with qualifications for South Wales Dog of the Year, Limited Dog of the Year, and Schnauzer of the Year.

Huzzah has had an equally wonderful year, with several Best of Breed placings, group placings at Open level, and taking his part in history at Border Union, gaining his stud book number out of Open Dog. He is headed into his veteran career after April, and we could not be more excited about it. 

Zeeva has put in a very solid twelve months in the ring, qualifying for Junior of the Year, and Crufts 2019. We are very proud of her, she truly is a wonderful little dog. 

Madog and Anne have had a fabulous year as well, gaining three Best of Breed placings and a G2 at open level, and they gave a very good and polished account of themselves in the Schnauzer Showcase. We are so proud of the strides they have made this year.

Obviously our year has been tinged with sadness after losing Romanii over Christmas, but don't be sad for us. He was well loved, happy, and it was his time to leave us. He was too special to stay, and had battled so bravely for so long. 

 Outside of the ring, we have had many new experiences, with the gang being selected for a photoshoot for the Blue Cross, and with Zeeva being the face of a greetings card.

As always, our friends, family and supporters have played a huge part in our lives again this year. Without you, we would not enjoy this journey so much. Sharing our achievements, our sadness, and the antics from our living room is always so much fun, and we love to see you all getting involved and getting to know the dogs themselves and their little personalities. 2019 looks to be a very exciting year, with so much to come, and so many new adventures to have. We may have fulfilled two of our longest held dreams in 2018, but believe me, that has only inspired us to expand our horizons and has brought other dreams so much closer. We look forward to sharing them with you.

For now, enjoy the New Year celebrations, and may 2019 bring you all you deserve and more. 


Lydia, Austin, Huzzah, Hope, Zeeva and Madog. 

Romanii Crosses Rainbow Bridge.

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we have to announce that on December 27th 2018 Romanii left us for his most trepid adventure, and crossed the bridge. Ro had been diagnosed with Syringiomyelia at the age of two, and had been battling this dreadful disease ever since. For several years we had been able to keep the symptoms controlled and the worst of the disease at bay, but during 2018 we were very aware that he was slowly going downhill. As the christmas period came close, we knew that his time with us was limited, but we did not expect to lose him so soon. 

Thanks to our wonderful vet Alice at Abbey Vets, Ro's passing was peaceful, and he was surrounded by his family and the staff he loved best.

Run on Ro. Chase those helicopters over the bridge, and catch one for me.

Romanii (My Boy Romanii)

10/01/13 - 27/12/18


Sharing the End of Year Honours.

The end of the season brings us to the last two Championship Shows, and one final Open and Limit show for the team. 
First up is one of our favourite shows, British Utility Breeds championship show, a show that really embodies the Christmas spirit, and where good friends and good food come together. Madog and Anne took centre stage this year, bringing home a third in their breed class, and winning the Special Beginners Dog class in some style. Huzzah held up his end of the bargain with 5th in Limit Dog, while the girls went unplaced. 
 Following on came Treharris Open Show, run by the ringcraft club that Lydia and Anne serve on the committee for. In amongst their hectic stewarding duties, the pair found time to take to the ring, with all four of the team. Naomi piloted Hope again, while Lydia and Zeeva teamed up. To the shock of most people, who felt that the class was a forgone conclusion for Hope, Zeeva sauntered away with her first class win as an adult. The boys took to the ring next with Anne and Lydia at the helm, and under esteemed Utility judge Tracey Morgan, Huzzah walked away with a first to meet his younger kennel mate in the challenge for BOB. Zeeva, under Naomi's watchful eye, put in a lovely performance, but was overshadowed by the experience and showmanship of Huzzah, who comfortably won the coveted BOB ribbon.
Ladies Kennel Association was next up, and it turned into a real Team White day. Hope was unplaced in Limit Bitch, but her younger Teammate Zeeva sparkled in her first appearance in Post Graduate Bitch, coming out with a fifth in strong competition. Huzzah and Madog brought home a third apiece in Post Graduate Dog and Limit Dog respectively under Breed Specialist Tony McDermott.
The last show of the year followed hard on it's heels....the very next day in fact. Hope, determined to redeem herself after the previous weekend showed her absolute socks off, taking the Open class ahead of her kennel mates, and also Best of Breed. She and Lydia also showed their class in the handling, taking home the Best Handler in Show award.

Hope Is Top Dog At Lyzahro

Following on from her good weekend away in Barnsley, Hope spent the following weekend closer to home, taking on the Top Dog competition in Llandrindod Wells. Thanks to her RCC win in the summer, Hope had qualified for Welsh Top Dog, and was set to take on the best dogs from around the country. 

Lydia and Hope spent their day in the company of Naomi, Blase and Puzzle, and Sian and Buddy, and while they did not expect to go very far in the competition, given the calibre of the dogs entered, they were pleased just to have a good day out among friends. Lydia was over the moon when Hope went through the first round under esteemed judge Gavin Robertson (Soletrader), and then in the second round, much to the amusement of the pair, they went head to head with Naomi and Blaze, with the afghan coming out on top. 

This is an exciting event for our kennel, as we have never been in a position to qualify for the competition. It was a real honour to get this far, and we had a fabulous day.

Hope And Huzzah Take The North.

November rolled around again, and with it, the Team's annual trip to Barnsley for the Northern Schnauzer Club Championship Show. With no placings in the breed classes for the boys, it was the turn of the Giants Kendra and Major, to kick start the day. Kendra did not put a foot wrong until she got bored at the end of her class, and decided to play up, throwing her class, and only managing a third. Major decided that he also wanted to join in with the fun, and was an absolute goofball, but put in two lovely performances to bring home two thirds in limit dog and Special Salt and Pepper Dog/Bitch.

 The mini girls were to follow, and were determined not to et the side down. and under the watchful eye of breed specialist Sue Cox, brought home a fourth and fifth in Junior and Post Graduate respectively. 

The day ended, as it always does, with the speciality colour classes. First up, eager to defend her unbeaten streak, was Hope in Special Black. With style, she retained her crown, and brought home another win to complete her set. Huzzah, Zeeva and Madog went head to head, with Lisa from Violis piloting Zeeva, while Lydia and Anne took charge of the boys. Lydia was delighted to see Huzzah win the class, with Zeeva in second place. 

Hope Continues To Sparkle At Tredegar

Following on from Hope's RBIS in show at Tredegar Limit Show, the Team returned to the Tredegar club for their annual Open Show. As usual Hope and Zeeva went head to head in the Graduate class, with Hope being expertly piloted by Naomi Cowley, and coming out on top in quite some fashion. Huzzah and Lydia had a speedy turn around the ring in the Open class, coming out with a second. 

Naomi and Hope returned to the ring under Irish judge Josh Henderson, and came out triumphant with Best of Breed. A delighted Lydia took over the reigns for the Utility Group under Janet Saunders, and with a scream of delight from Naomi, and tumultuous applause from around the ring side from the spectators, Lydia and Hope were awarded their first Group 1! 

The wait for Best in Show seemed to fly past, and although the pair were not to figure in the final awards on the day, Hope's masterful performance and command of the big ring was far more than Lydia was expecting.

Handling Success for Lydia at South Wales.

The first of the Autumn shows are upon us, starting with South Wales Kennel in Builth Wells. Day One saw Lydia tackle the Giant classes, with Kendra in tow, coming away with a respectable 4th in Open bitch. She then had the pleasure of piloting young Acer, Kaegen's daughter, to the RBCC for the Draxpark Kennel. 

The adult handling competition followed, and Lydia took charge of the top winning Entlebucher, Buddy, owned and shown by another of the Treharris regulars Sian Baynton. Between them they put in a sparking performance, winning the Working/Pastoral/ Terrier 17-30 class for the second year running. Day Three brought the Mini classes under highly respected judge Frances Krall, and round two of the handling for Lydia. Anne and Madog took to the ring first, and came away with a third in Post Graduate Dog. Lydia and Huzzah followed them in, matching their result with a third in Limit. Zeeva pulled in a respectable fourth in Junior Bitch, and Hope garnered a delightful third in Post Graduate Bitch.

Anne and Lydia then made their way across to the handling rings, and Lydia and Hope were delighted to take top honours again in the Utility/Gundog 17-30 class. Anne and Madog were highly unlucky to be placed 4th in their class, but it is good practice for the rest of the year!

Busy Summer for Lyzahro.

After a few weeks off at the start of the summer following Lyxahro's epic trip to Scotland, the Team started on a busy five week run of shows that saw them travel the length and breadth of the country. 

First up was a three hour trip to Bournemouth, which became a very Team White trip, with both Zeeva and Huzzah bringing home ribbons for the team in fourth and fifth respectively. Week Two saw the Team staying close to home, with a two day trip to Builth for Welsh Kennel Club. Day One, and Lydia showcased her skills as a handler, with a last minute favour to a Great Dane owner, bringing home a third in their class. Kendra was to follow with a third in a very strong Open Bitch class. Day Two showed Madog and Anne return to the ring for the first time since her fractured ankle, and they brought home a third. Huzzah followed in Limit, but was unplaced. Zeeva held up her end of the bargain in Junior Bitch, and was in the cards, and finally Hope, piloted once again by Naomi from Kiristan Kennels, brought home a third in a very strong Post Graduate Bitch Class.

Week Three saw the mammoth trip to Scotland repeated, this time with Zeeva in tow, for the Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show. The Team had a very "blue" day, with Hope and Madog bringing home seconds in both Post Graduate Bitch and Dog. Huzzah followed suit, taking a second in both Limit and Open Dog, and Zeeva was also in the placings with a fifth in Junior Bitch, under Breed Specialist Jackie Hood.

Week Four, and the handling finals were upon the Team. Day One at City of Birmingham saw Kendra and Lydia take a second in Open Bitch, and Reserve Best Bitch. In the 21-30 Adult Handling final under judge Lisa Gudgin, the pair were to bring home a very pleasing fifth place in a highly competitive class. Day Two, Utility Day was to follow on the Sunday, with everyone in the placings. Madog, with a pleasing third in Post Graduate, Huzzah with a fifth in Limit, Zeeva taking third in Junior, and Hope a third in Graduate Bitch.  Anne, unfortunately was unplaced in the over 60's handling final, partly due to nerves, but put in a lovely performance nonetheless,

The final week saw the Team head down South to Richmond for the last of the five week run. It was to be a Team White kind of day again, with Hope narrowly missing out on a place in her class. The team mirrored their placings of previous weeks, with a third in Post Graduate Dog for Madog, a fifith in Limit Dog for Huzzah and a third in Junior Bitch for Zeeva under Specialist judge Dominique Brixley. 

Mr Postman Makes Our Day

The sound of letters landing on the mat has never been more welcome! Just under a month passed between our fantastic weekend in Scotland, and the official certificates from the Kennel Club arriving on our doorstop. We are so very proud of the team!

Hope Sparkles in Scotland.

The final show weekend before Lydia and Austin set off on holiday saw the Lyzahro team head North to Scotland for Border Union Championship Show. 

Zeeva unfortunately had to sit this one out, as she had come into season the week before. 

The drive north was fraught with accidents and roadworks, and took two hours longer than it should have. The difficulties did not stop there, as when they arrived at the hotel, their booking had not gone through, leaving the Team stranded 300 miles from home, with nowhere to stay. Thankfully, due to the kindness of the hotel staff, and the frantic help from Anne and Geraint back in Wales, a local pub was able to offer the Team a room for the night. 

Little did Lydia know, that the nightmare of Friday was only going to serve as the backdrop for a fantastic weekend.

Madog was first up in Post Graduate Dog, and brought home the first placing for the Team with a second. Huzzah then went into limit, and behind Joe and Charlie, had a fourth. He returned to the ring for Open, and to Lydia's delight, he was placed second, giving him his studbook number and a lifetime qualification for Crufts!! As far as we are aware, Huzzah is the second white in the UK to gain a stud book number. Obviously, if we are wrong, we apologise to the other whites!

Hope was to follow, and was not to be outdone by her Teammates for long. She won Post Graduate Bitch in some style, and returned for the line up, and was in good company with Joe and Rayna from Violis, who had won Novice Bitch. Expecting absolutely nothing in a line up of truly quality bitches, Lydia was shocked, and absolutely over the moon to be awarded Hope's very first Reserve Bitch CC. The gasp that went around the rings, and the clapping that followed showed that it was a complete suprise to everyone there.

Safe to say, the Team floated home!

A huge thank you to our judge Mr Morgan Freeman for making history for our kennel!

Girls Day Out at Royal Welsh

After Anne's successful solo venture at National, the Team were looking forward to being reunited at the Royal Welsh Spring Festival for a good day out among friends. This was not to go quite to plan, as three days before the show Anne managed to fall over an upturned wheelbarrow and fractured her ankle! So, despite wanting to join the Team, a role reversal was on the cards, and all Anne was able to do was sit with her feet up and wait for news. 

With the day promising to be a scorcher, Lydia and the Team took enough water to flood a small field, the cool coats and a cool mat or three and set up with the rest of Treharris Ringcraft team under the trees.

 After waiting for most of the morning, and watching the rest of the Team pull Best of Breeds and Group placings in their respective breeds, the Minis were last to take to the ring in the Utility Group. Hope, Zeeva and Madog were the first up in Post Graduate, with Sian and Melissa piloting Madog and Hope respectively. Hope, making up for her lacklustre performance at Aberystwyth, absolutely sparkled in the ring, and moved out with such style and determination, that the judge handed her the class with little deliberation. Zeeva backed her up in third,with Madog in fourth.  Huzzah followed them into the ring in open, and in a pattern that appears to be his norm at the moment, strolled out with a second.

The heat did not seem to be affecting Hope as she returned to the ring for the Best of Breed challenge, and, determined to make a clean sweep for Treharris, showed her little socks off, and she was rewarded with the BOB ribbon. Zeeva made a cameo for the Best Puppy challenge, and a delighted Lydia was soon sweeping around the ring with the pair, waving both ribbons in the air in the sunshine, celebrating Zeeva's last Best Puppy at Open level.

No more awards were to come, and the Team retired back to the garden and with the paddling pool to relax!

Anne Flies Solo At National.

A spectacular oversight on Lydia's part saw Anne heading off to Stafford with a car full of Beards, and with a distinct lack of company Despite spending ages agonising over which class to put Huzzah in, Lydia had somehow managed to forget to book the day off work...and only realised the day before the show! Several frantic phonecalls later, and with some rather choice language to describe herself and her mistake, Lydia put handlers in place, and sent her mother northwards to attend her first Championship show alone. 

Madog was first in the ring with Anne herself, and qualified himself for Crufts 2019 with a very respectable second. Huzzah followed in Limit dog, piloted by professional Handler Rebecca Dobson, and behaved himself (to everyone's shock and suprise!), but was unlucky to be unplaced in a strong class of 8. Lisa Parker of Violis Schnauzers put her hand up to show Zeeva in Puppy Bitch, up against their own bitch Rayna. While Rayna pulled her second second place in a week, Lisa and Zeeva put in a lovely performance to be placed fifth. Anne braced herself to finish the day in Post Graduate Bitch with the demon child Hope herself. A sparkling performance saw them saunter into second, and another qualifying place for Hope!

Sun Shines On Lyzahro

Lyzahro's winning streak continued over the hottest May Bank Holiday on record and beyond. With the prospect of four shows in nine days, Lydia kickstarted the run at Hereford and District Open, a show that they have historically done well at. 

With no breed classes on offer, the Team entered AVNSC. with the girls going head to head yet again in Graduate. They were joined in the ring by two Chows, including a happy young puppy, who looked like he was enjoying life in the ring! Both girls put in sterling performances, and to Lydia's delight, Hope, piloted by a Boston Terrier handler, and good friend of the Team, Mark, won the class, with Zee in second. 

Huzzah than rocked into the ring in Open, and in the face of strong competition brought home a second for his collection. Hope was unlucky to lose out on Best AVNSC in the challenge, but Zeeva kept the Team in their winning ways by bringing home her seventh Best Puppy. 

The following day, Anne rejoined the Team, and they headed west to Aberystwyth. The coastal town had clearly missed the message that the day was meant to be warm, as the sea mist kept the temperature down in single figures, and left Lydia rather regretting her choice of dress!

Schnauzers luckily were judged indoors, and the temperature was somewhat warmer! The girls had another head to head battle in graduate, with Zeeva coming out on top this time, taking the class, and another Best Puppy award from respected judge Mervyn Evans. Hope was not her usual sparkling self, and had appeared to be struck by a case of "frozen tail" (from which she has made a full recovery), and was not able to carry herself in her normal jaunty fashion.

The boys came next, with Madog and Anne proving to be the superstars of the day, taking first and Best of Breed over Lydia and Huzzah.  The groups came next, and to the delight of the Team, Anne and Madog put in a huge performance, and walked away with a Group 2 in a very strong group. Zeeva and Lydia took to the ring, and were not to be outdone, putting in a composed performance to bring home a Group 3!

An Epic Weekend for Lyzahro

After losing out on shows either side of Crufts due to the inclement weather, the Lyzahro Team finally headed out for a weekend of Open and Limit Shows in Tredegar. 

Tredegar Limit was first up, and within an hour of being there, the Lyzahro Dogs had all put in superb performances to take Best of Breed, second and third in the breed classes, and Best Puppy to boot. It was clearly going to be a girl's weekend, as Hope beat out her brother to be take the Best of Breed ribbon. A long wait faced the team, but this was definitely worth the time sitting around with cups of tea! 

Hope showed her absolute class in the big ring, and was shortlisted to the final 10 for Best in Show. Lydia would have been delighted with this alone, however the Judge, Jayne Barrett Williams, and Hope had other ideas. Watching the BIS ribbon be awarded to the beautiful Dobermann puppy, it did not even cross Lydia's mind that Hope was in for a share in the top honours. Her face when presented with the RBIS ribbon was an absolute picture, and she dropped to her knees to give Hope a huge cuddle. The Judge came back to tell Lydia that Hope's attitude, presence and movement in the ring was what made her stand out against all the other on the day.

Celebrations had to be cut short however, as she was to return to the ring with Zeeva to challenge for Best Puppy. No other awards were forthcoming, but it is safe to say that the Team floated home!

Several gins and not very many hours sleep later, the team were back on the road to head back to Tredegar to Pontypool Open Show. Lydia was still bouncing off the walls, and Hope was not best pleased to be woken up and loaded back into the car! 

Just to prove that her wins were not a flash in the pan, Hope took to the ring against Zeeva and the Raileve junior, handled by Val. In no uncertain terms, Hope strutted around the ring with Naomi of Kiristen Aghans on the end of the lead, and took the class in quite some style. Zeeva matched her wins from the day before with a third and Best Puppy. 

Huzzah entered the ring against Chloe, and showed that he was not long to be outdone by his kennel mates, and won the judge over with his solid construction and movement. He was given the class, and was then head to head with Hope for Best of Breed. He was clearly not prepared to go home having been beaten by his teammate, and impressed the judge to such an extent that she had no hesitation in awarding him the ribbon. 

The groups rolled around, and Huzzah was first up. In a fabulously strong Utility Group, Lydia was pleased to see that he put in a sold performance, cementing his free and easy movement in the judge's mind, and when it came to awarding the ribbons, he was rewarded with a Group 3!

Zeeva was then flying the flag for the team in the Puppy Group, and again showed the loose and free movement that the Team is known for, and was rewarded with her first group placing, at Group 2!!


Easter Club Shows for Lyzahro.

Hard on the heels of Crufts came the two club shows, one held by the Schnauzer Club of Great Britain, and the second by the Miniature Schnauzer Club. The last few years have been a great success at these two shows for the Team, with Huzzah and Hope winning Best Speciality in their respective colours in 2017. SCGB gave the first excitement of the weekend, with Lydia and Anne heading to the midlands with the Team at some ungodly hour in the morning. The breed classes came first, with Lydia piloting Major to third in Giant Schnauzer Limit Dog. Huzzah was hard on his heels in the mini ring, taking home a fourth in Graduate behind Madog, much to Anne's delight. Hope took to the ring in Post Graduate Bitch, and in a lovely class, pleased Sarah Hatrell, the breed specialist judge, enough to place her 5th. Speciality classes were then to follow, with the boys placings a mirror of their breed class, and Zeeva taking a second, her only placing on the day. Hope strutted her stuff in the Speciality Black class, and walked away with a first place in quite some style.

Barely 48 hours later the team were back on the M5, heading to Stoneleigh for the MSC club show. Under AKC specialist judge, placings were hard to come by, and the three whites went unplaced in their respective breed classes. The boys went into the White class with Harry, and Madog again trumped Huzzah, with the Team bringing home a second and a third. Zeeva topped the Speciality White Bitch class to Lydia's absolute delight, and Hope, maintaining her superb run of form, came home with a 5th in Post Graduate bitch, and 1st in Speciality Black Bitch.

Team White at Crufts

And so March has arrived, with all the excitement that Crufts brings. The team has been in fine form, with some good results in the run up to Crufts.

Thursday was Giant day, and with Kenda out of the ring for a while, Lydia was free to concentrate on Major. He put in a flawless performance in Limit dog and delighted Lydia and Cheryl with a fourth!

The minis followed on Saturday, and as usual drew a large crowd. Friends and followers of the team came from far and wide to see them, and have their photos taken with the boys. It was lovely to see Jelena from the Genstat kennel, and to see her two whites doing so well in the ring, with her young lad taking a third in Yearling, and his mother winning Veteran Bitch. Madog led out the Post Graduate Dog class in some style, followed two places behind by Huzzah. While Pat Power gave the boys some serious consideration, they were not placed on the day. Anne and Lydia were pleased with the composed performances they put in on the day regardless. 

Hope, after a sulky start to the morning, put in a great performance in Post Graduate Bitch, but looked young and raw next to some really lovely and mature bitches.

Laura from Dogs in the News was with us for the fourth year running, and a great day was had by all!

Huzzah (Beanara Njals Saga at Lyzahro)

Hope (Habanera Eldzh Hope for Lyzahro)

Madog (Saraswati Bonno Blue with Lyzahro)

Major (Honouring Major vd  Telgthoeve )

Team White's winning streak continues at Llynfi.

After the Team's fabulous day out at Swansea last week, Huzzah and Zeeva were not about to let their winning streak fall away. With Anne rejoining the team after 6 weeks out on the sidelines with a knee operation, the whole team headed down the valley to Maesteg for one of the last two open shows before Crufts. 
Zeeva and Hope started the day in the graduate class, and Zee, while not quite taking the top spot in the class, took a second, and her second Best Puppy of the year. Hope, piloted by another of the Treharris Ringcraft regulars, had a respectable fourth out of five.
Huzzah and Madog went head to head with eachother and Chloe and Alice in the Open class, and Huzzah, to Lydia's delight, sauntered comfortably into first, with Madog in third. 
Huzzah was to lose out in the BOB challenge, but Zeeva put a lovely and composed performance in the group, which pleased Lydia no end.

A huge thanks to our judge Mr Kevin Chedzoy for his kind words and for thinking so highly of the team.

All eyes on Team White at Swansea.

A wet and cold trip west awaited the Lyzahro team at the beginning of February, and at the end of it, a specialist judge and a day not to be forgotten. Having waited the best part of 7 hours before entering the ring, the girls went head to head in the Graduate class, both putting in lovely performances. To Lydia's delight and astonishment, Zeeva comfortably beat out her older teammate, and walked away with the win in the class, and Best AVNSC Puppy, bagging her first appearance in the Utility Puppy  Group. Lydia and Huzzah returned to the ring a few moments later in the Open class, and walked away with the win! 

Having two whites head to head in the challenge was an unusual experience for Lydia, but both dogs put in lovely performances, and Huzzah took top honours with Best AVNSC!

No further awards were to be forthcoming for the pair, but having them both in the groups was a great start to the year!

2018 season starts in style.

The 2016 show season started early for Lyzahro. The first weekend in January saw Lydia heading across country to spend the weekend with Violis Schnauzers and attend Boston Championship show. The weekend went well for both teams, with the young Violis puppy Reyna securing her place at Crufts 2018 with a third in Minor Puppy. Zeeva was unlucky not to be placed in either of her classes, but the senior team had a good day in the office with a second for Huzzah and a third for Madog in Post Graduate Dog. 

A role reversal was on the cards a fortnight later with Zeeva being the only one placed at Manchester Championship Show, taking home a fifth in Puppy Bitch. Lydia returned to Stafford the next day to pilot her new Giant charge, an attractive four year old salt and pepper boy called Major. They were unlucky not to place in a strong Open class, but we are delighted to welcome Major and his owner Cheryl into our show family!

The team also have two open shows under their belt, with Hope bringing home a fifth in the breed class at Welsh Kennel Open, and Zeeva a third in AV Puppy at the same show. The weekend following Manchester, the team returned to local venues, with Zeeva putting in a lovely performance to take home a second in AVNSC Puppy, and Huzzah following suit with a second in AVNSC Open.

A Magical Christmas at Lyzahro.

Christmas is always a special time at Lyzahro, but this year Austin made it even more memorable by proposing to Lydia on Christmas Morning! Of course she said yes, and the two are planning a summer wedding in June 2019.

A Team White Christmas.

Christmas 2017 has arrived in the Lyzahro household. 

Heralded by three days of snow, which saw the Girls and Roly out playing, and Huzzah swearing he didn't need a wee until spring, Christmas is close upon us now. We would like to take some time to thank our many many friends and supporters, and share some of our personal highlights with you all.

Crufts was always going to be one of our major high points, with a camera crew following Huzzah through the day, and whisking Lydia off for interviews, and so many of our friends turning up to support us from all over the country. Club shows one and two followed hard on it's heels, with Huzzah and Hope doing the double, winning both White and Black Speciality respectively in both. Hope went on to repeat this feat later in the year, giving her a clean sweep at all three club shows. We had the excitement of winning Kendra's first CC and BOB at National, and Huzzah and Madog both winning their classes at National and Southern. The autumn saw the fulfilment of a long awaited plan, with the arrival of Zeeva into our home and hearts. Being trusted with one of Zantana's precious girls is thrilling and an honour, and we can't wait to see how she does as she grows. Her character is huge already, and she is a wonderful little dog. 

We have had some very bleak moments as well this year,discovering Hope's anatomical problems and being unable to have a litter, then almost losing her in July to a closed pyo infection, and her long battle back to health and fitness, then almost losing Romanii to SM in November. There have also been some incidents of online bullying with some very unpleasant and nasty personal attacks against Lydia, but these moments have been bolstered and improved by the love and support of the mini and giant communities, and our friends and family in the UK and across the world. 

The support of our friends, family and strangers mean so much to us, especially at this time. We could not enjoy this journey as much as we do, and would not derive such pleasure from sharing our achievements as we do if you all weren't as engaged with us and didn't leave us such lovely comments. Thank you all for your support throughout the year, and we hope to see many more of you throughout 2018!

Have a wonderful Christmas, and the happiest of new years. We hope that all that you wish comes to you this year. May your Christmas be peaceful and full of love and joy. 

Love Lydia, Austin, Huzzah, Hope, Zeeva and Roly.

Zeeva Shows Her Class At Chepstow.

The last show of the year came in the form of Chepstow Limit, the show where Huzzah achieved his first Best in Show line up three years ago. The Team showed off their class and poise during the day, and the wins absolutely delighted everyone watching. 

Zeeva took to the ring first in AV Utility Puppy, and astounded Lydia by walking away with the award in a composed fashionm bagging herself a spot in the Best Puppy in Show line up. She then put in another spectacular performance to win AV Not Bred By Exhibitor against some really lovely dogs from across all 7 Groups. Not to be outdone, Hope walked away with her win in Graduate, and into the Best in Show line up. She also added second in AV handled by a lady to her tally. Huzzah was unfortunate to come up against the eventual BIS winner in Open, and came away with a second.

LKA Debut for Zeeva.

The last Championship show of the year was filled with excitement, anticipation and drama for the Lyzahro team. Huzzah and Madog went head to head for the second time, with Madog coming out on top in second, and Huzzah in third under breed specialist Caroline Waring. 

Zeeva made her long awaited debut in Minor Puppy, and despite a lovely, if raw, performance from the young puppy, she was not placed. She returned for a second outing in a very strong puppy class, and delighted Lydia, Anne and breeder Mona (who was waiting by the laptop for news) by taking home a fourth! Her behaviour left something to be desired in the Puppy class, leading to her being described as "flamboyant" in the class!

The drama came in the shape of the car breaking down on the way home, and the team being stuck on a roundabout for two hours in the snow, and then in a hotel lobby for another three! 

BUBA marks a successful year in the ring for Anne.

The Christmas shows have arrived in the UK, in the shape of British Utility Breeds Association on the first weekend in December. Twelve months ago Anne took to the ring with Madog for the first time, and in quite some style! She returned to the scene of her first triumph to take on Lydia and Huzzah in a strong Post Grad class of seven. Huzzah, having been more than a slight headache all day, pulled out all the stops and gained a third in the class, while Madog decided to demonstrate his idiocy, and barely settled in the ring. 

Hope had a goof outing in a very strong class, but came home with nothing.

Madog Takes Centre Stage At Blackwood

Blackwood Open show holds mixed memories for the Lyzahro team. Not only was it the scene of Hope's second Best of Breed, and her last Best Puppy, it was also the show where Huzzah threw the biggest strop in the ring that the Welsh show scene has ever witnessed. This year was to add to the store of happy memories, with the day centring around Madog and Anne for a change!
Hope, Huzzah and Madog all took to the ring for their class, alongside the Eronel puppies and Stavella pepper and salts. Hope was piloted by Bethan Williams of Trebettyn, and put in a lovely performance, although she was unlucky not to be placed (She did however help Lydia to a third in the handling class later in the day). Huzzah decided that, while he would keep his feet on the floor this time, he would sing all the way round the ring, and danced his way into a fifth place. Madog on the other hand, put in a spectacular performance, and shocked Anne, and delighted Lydia, by winning a well deserved first and best of breed! No other awards were to come their way, but Anne's smile said it all.

Third Time's The Charm For Hope.

Remembrance Weekend saw the Lyzahro and Das Erbe Teams head up north to Barnsley, (which, by the way, is a long, long way from South Wales!) for the last Club show of the year, Northern. 

Baby Zeeva came with the team, to Hope's disgust, in an attempt to teach her the ins and outs of travelling and hotel stays. After an eventful night, with Madog wanting to play tag at 1am, Hope not wanting to be touched by the baby, never mind share a bed, and Huzzah being the ultimate hotel hound, and sleeping soundly through it all, the teams set off for the showground.

 Madog and Anne took to the ring first, and put in a masterful performance in Novice Dog, winning the class in some style. Huzzah was up second, and was just starting his class with Lydia at the other end of the lead, when Yoli, who was piloting Reggie the Draxpark Giant, took a nasty fall, and knocked herself out on the floor in the adjacent ring. Lydia, giving Huzzah barely any time to think, threw the lead at her mother, and dashed into the Giant ring to take control of Reggie, and show him for the Kirkwoods. Huzzah, somewhat bemused, and in a highly playful mood to start with, did not give the best account of himself under Anne's guidance, but came in with a respectable fifth in Limit Dog.

Hope was the last of the Minis to enter the ring in the breed classes, and despite a lovely performance, did not get a placing in her class.

Kendra entered the ring for limit bitch, and showed her class and style throughout, really using the big ring to her advantage and was rewarded with a first, delighting Jo, who had been overcome with an unusual attack of nerves prior to the pair going in for the class! Nothing more was to come in the challenge for Kendra, which was a shame, but we are sure that her second ticket can't be far away.

The Speciality Classes were the last of the day, with Huzzah and Hope going all out for a third win in their respective classes. Huzzah was unlucky, he came up against Enzo, an International Champion white from Ireland, who dazzled in the ring on the day, and Huzzah came second, beating Madog into third.

Hope, determined not to lose the promise of her crown, and to keep her winning streak alive and well, put in a glorious performance to sweep the board, winning her class in some style.

Hope has now won Best Black Speciality in all three Club Shows in 2017!

All Eyes On Hope At Amman Valley

After Huzzah's good day in Stafford, the Lyzahro team headed west into the depths of Wales for an Open show, that last year, was characterised by freezing temperatures and a burger van heated barn! Amman Valley Open, saw the Droleus and Lyzahro teams join together for a relaxed day, with sausage sandwiches, tea and lots of laughter. Sue was first in the ring with her young puppy Harper, who delighted her by winning Best Puppy. Lydia took to the ring soon after with Hope in Mini Graduate, and was more than happy to see her little girl awarded the class over three others. Huzzah followed in Mini Open, and determined not to be outdone, pleased Mr Hookway to such an extent, that he had no hesitation in awarding him a first as well! Eronel Schnauzers' Toyah, came to Lydia's rescue, and handled Hope in the challenge, and Hope put in such a sparkling performance that Mr Hookway had no choice to but to award her Best of Breed!

If the day had gone no further, Lydia would not have been too concerned, as Hope had matched her run at the show from last year. Hope on the other hand, had bigger goals. She strutted into the Group ring, and held her own against a strong group of 15 others. Lydia was delighted and so proud of Hope when she was awarded a Group 4 to finish the day with. 

The icing on the cake was to see Sue and Harper come out of the ring with a Puppy Group 2!

Midland Counties A Success For Huzzah

Lydia and Anne headed off to Stafford, a showground that historically has been a lucky ground for both the Giant and Mini teams, rather earlier than was sociable. Despite the early morning, the travel was clear and fast, and they arrived in plenty of time, with one overexcited Beard, one excited Beard and one who could barely be bothered (Kudos to those who know us well enough to know who is who!). 

Huzzah and Madog took to the ring together in a strong Post Graduate Dog class under judge Gina Masterton. Huzzah had spent the last hour being idiotic and hyperactive, leading Lydia to threaten him repeatedly with a "come to jesus meeting" in a corner if he didn't calm down, however, true to form as soon as he set foot in the ring, he flicked his "showman" switch, and put in a lovely, composed performance resulting in a well deserved, and very suprising 3rd place. Madog on the other hand, had little to no interest in his day job, and was unsettled and fidgety throughout, and did not get a placing on the day. Hope finished the team's day without a placing, but put in her best performance since her illness back in July.

Giant Day at Tomlinsons

After a less than stellar day at Tredegar Open, where only Hope made it into the placings in the breed class, Lydia took the long drive to Tomlinson's in Leicester for the Giant Schnauzer Club Championship Show. Kendra was happier to be in the ring than she has been in recent weeks, and put in a beautiful performance to take home a second in her class behind Philoma Tempo, who went on to take her first CC under Swedish FCI Judge Charlotte Orre.

Barry Island Does Schnauzerfest In Style

The second weekend in October sees the UK go schnauzer mad, with mass schnauzer walks taking place across the country. The schnauzer community all pull together to walk for schnauzers in need, raising money through cake sails, raffles and donations. 

Barry Island proudly boasted over 150 schnauzers last year, and walk organiser Nick Rutter was determined to make this years walk better than ever. 320 schnauzers swarmed the beach front in front of Marco's cafe, the official start point of the walk, and the Lyzahro and Das Erbe teams were in the thick of it. Hope had been left at home as she was still in season, but Zeeva and Kane were experiencing their first Schnauzerfest walk, and taking it all in their stride!
Kaegen took on the role of guide to Zeeva, and kept a watchful eye on her whenever the youngster was walking with the throng. Huzzah met up with his old friend Basil again this year, and the two walked together and played on the beach as if they had never been apart.

The walk included an on lead walk across the headland to Jackson Bay, where all 320 schnauzers had an opportunity to play off lead and chase each other into the waves.

Das Erbe Giants and Team White

So I Say Thank You For The.... Puppy?

As it turns out... ABBA is not the best thing to have come out of Sweden.

After two years of planning, hoping and waiting, in June 2017, the next generation of Team White was born at Kennel Zantana in Sweden. Bred with utmost care by Mona and Lars-Erik Uddenholm, a little white girl opened her eyes for the first time, not realising that she was special. Fast forward another 15 weeks, and this small girl was boarding a plane from Stockholm to Brussels. Her final destination... Lyzahro.

 Allow us to introduce, with such excitement, Zeeva, otherwise known as Zantanas Something Special Lyzahro. This little girl as been long awaited, and we are so pleased to have her in our home. Mona and Lars are such wonderful breeders, and we are honoured to be trusted with such a special girl. 

Watch this space... she is quite something!

Another Clear Result for Lyzahro.

Health testing is a priority for any breeder wishing to produce puppies, and here at Lyzahro we are always striving to make sure we are up to date with any and all relevant breed health tests required. Since arriving at the kennel, all of the schnauzers have had regular eye screening, and all three hold current, clear eye certificates.

In recent months, a test has been developed for a condition known as Myobacterium Avian Complex  (MAC). 

Mycobacterium Avian Complex (MAC) is a defective condition of the immune system, which leads to an overwhelming systemic infection in affected dogs and is considered a serious and lethal disease. MAC is a zoonotic disease which means it can be transmitted from animals to humans and vice versa. An 'affected' Miniature Schnauzer can present problems to the very young, the very old and to those humans with compromised immune systems e.g. cancer patients.

The MAC DNA test, approved by the Kennel Club as an official DNA testing scheme, is a simple DNA test that determines whether a Miniature Schnauzer possesses the gene associated with the disease. The test doesn’t identify if you can or cannot breed, but with whom you could breed safely. Results are expressed as ‘Normal’, ‘Carrier’ or ‘Affected’ (an ‘affected’ result can also be for a Miniature Schnauzer that’s showing no signs of the condition i.e. 'asymptomatic’).

To date, around 70 UK dogs have been tested and results published ‘Normal/Clear’ with just 1 reported 'Carrier' but there are known carrier lines here in the UK.

In April this year, all 3 UK Miniature Schnauzer Breed Clubs, in line with the American Miniature Schnauzer Club, announced that it is strongly recommended that all Breeders / Owners of Miniature Schnauzers have their breeding stock MAC DNA tested prior to mating and results sent to the Kennel Club and Breed Health Co-ordinator (BHC), Chris Ellingworth. This test is offered by the laboratory PennGenand only requires a cheek swab sample.

As of September 2017 we are delighted to announce that Team White (Huzzah and Madog) have tested clear/unaffected/normal.

(As we do not intend to breed Hope due to issues with her womb, she has not been tested)

City Of Birmingham a washout.

The start of September heralded the Adult Handling Finals, hosted by City of Birmingham Championship Show. Both Lydia and her good friend Lisa of Violis Schnauzers, headed north to Coventry to attend both the breed classes, and the finals, cheered on by their respective partners, Austin and Joe. 

Things did not go Lyzahro's way in the breed ring, with Huzzah unplaced in his class, and Hope bringing up the rear in fourth in her class.

The handling finals proved to be even less eventful for the girls, with neither girl coming away with a placing on the day.

Sunshine and Summer Shows

The summer show season in Wales and across the Uk started in style for Team White with Madog's win at Southern Counties. The next few weeks saw the team head off to Monmouth, Vale of Glamorgan and Langstone. 

Monmouth saw the debut of the young Draxpark giant, Some Like It Hot, otherwise known as Kane. He won his class and Best Puppy in style, and went on to suprise the team by taking Puppy Group 1. Kendra, determined not to be outshone, won her class, Best of Breed and Working Group 2. The minis showed their class, with Madog beating Hope in the graduate class, and Huzzah taking a second in Open.

Vale was an opportunity for the gang to show off their unflappable temperaments, as the gathering of three minis and three giants drew a lot of attention from show goers and passers by. The day started well with Hope, Madog and Huzzah taking second, third and fourth respectively. The Giants soon followed, and Kendra sparkled, taking Best AVNSC Working and Working Group 2, and Kane continuing his recent run of form with Best AV Working Puppy.

Langstone soon followed, and only the mini beards were in attendance, taking home two seconds in breed, and a third in the handling competition for Lydia.

Welsh Kennel Club Championshow came around, bringing with it a visit from Joe, Lisa and the Violis Schnauzers. The Lyzahro house was filled with Beards, with SiSi, Athena and Esme joining the gang for the evening. The day dawned clear and bright, and judging was moved from the cattle barns onto the grass outside at the Royal Welsh Showground. Madog was the only Lyzahro Beard to be placed on the day, coming away with a third in Post Graduate Dog.

Bank Holiday Monday saw the team heading across the bridge to attend West Country Open Show, with a chance for Lydia to qualify for the Adult Handling Finals 2018. Huzzah and Hope took to the ring with their usual style, and Huzzah came away with Reserve Best of Breed, and Hope taking third behind him. Huzzah showed that the hours of training had paid off, and he and Lydia won their handling class with flare and style, and qualified for the finals in 2018!

All Eyes On Madog At Southern Counties.

Following on from a sunny day out at Newbury Showground on the Saturday with Kendra, Lydia and the two white lads headed back down the M4 for Utility Day. Knowing the judge, Kevin Durso, was not overly enamoured with whites, but having a reputation as being fair and open, Lydia took the boys into Post Graduate Dog with her good friend Lisa Parker in charge of Madog in Anne's absence. Both the boys put in strong performances, and Madog suprised and delighted Lydia and Lisa by qualifying for Crufts in style, winning the class, and leaving Huzzah trailing in his wake in fourth. 

Kendra Is A National Treasure

After a weekend break in West Wales for the Lyzahro team, and a month break for the Das Erbe Giants, Lydia and Jo braced themselves for a weekend trip to Stafford County Showground for the National Dog Show. Saturday ushered in the Working Group, and a later than normal start for the Das Erbe team. A strong entry of over 50 Giants graced the ring under renowned judge Jean Lanning. The day got off to a great start with Stephen and Yoli Kirkwood, who are good friends of the team, with their Draxpark bred dog Reggie (Draxpark Lots To Like) winning their first CC.

Kendra was not long in following them into the ring for Post Graduate bitch, taking on the Riesenhiem bitch Purdey, who only 8 weeks earlier had won Best of Breed at Crufts. Kendra, shaking off her earlier spooked behaviour, put in a lovely performance to win her class! Delighted, but expecting nothing more from the day, Lydia and Kendra returned to the line up for the bitch CC against their usual rival and friend Kevin Cullen and his champion bitch Lana Lang. Kendra showcased her spectacular movement, and to the absolute astonishment, delight and disbelief of Lydia and Jo, Mrs Lanning had no hesitation in awarding the pair their first CC! Jo's face was an absolute picture of shock, while Lydia's emotions were evident in her ear to ear grin, and the tears in her eyes. 

  The Best of Breed challenge was then between Kendra and Reggie, with both Lydia and Stephen still in a state of suspended disbelief. Kendra was determined not to be outdone on the day, and comfortably walked away with the top honours!

  After several celebratory glasses of prosecco, Lydia and Jo headed off to the collecting ring to await their turn in the working group. After a minor button mishap with Lydia's jacket (gracefully rescued by the secretary's safety pin!) Kendra and Lydia took to the big ring with evident enjoyment, and, although they came away with nothing else, they had memories of the day that they will never forget.

After a long trip home, and little sleep, Lydia loaded a rather hyperactive Huzzah into the car, and headed north again for Utility Day. Given Huzzah's behaviour, Lydia was expecting very little from the day, and was still living on caffeine and adrenaline when she arrived at the show. With a headache that would rival most jack hammers, they entered the ring for Post Graduate dog, and Huzzah managed to pull himself together long enough to delight Lydia and their watching friends by winning the class! No more awards were forthcoming, and the pair packed up and headed home for a well deserved rest.

It was only when they arrived home that the achievements of the weekend really sank in, and Lydia was able to take stock of the amazing weekend they had had. Kendra had eclipsed her competition to start her hunt for the elusive three CCs to make her a champion, and Huzzah had, eight weeks after his recent appearance at Crufts, qualified himself for Crufts 2018. It truly was a weekend that Jo and Lydia will never forget.

Lyzahro Do The Double

Easter Monday saw the Lyzahro team pack up and head northwards for the annual Minature Schnauzer Club Championship Show, under lowering skies and the promise of rain. Undaunted, Lydia, Anne, Geraint and the Beards set off at a slightly later hour than usual, and they were in good spirits when they arrived at the Kennel Club building in Stoneleigh. 

As usual Huzzah and Madog were first to take to the ring under the eye of specialist judge Kirk Moss. In a good class of eight dogs, Lydia was not overly hopeful for a placing, and was delighted when Huzzah was awarded a fifth. Madog however was not in "show mode" and decided to play Anne up the entire time they were in the ring. Huzzah had a cameo in the Limit class, but left unplaced.

The boys returned to the ring for the Speciality White class against Harry and Rachel from Quintastique, in a rematch from SCGB three weeks previously. Huzzah was in sparkling form, and put in a fantastic performance, delighting Lydia to win Best White Speciality, with Madog coming in third behind him, in a carbon copy of the result from SCGB.

Hope was facing up against older and more experienced bitches in her post graduate class, but to Lydia's astonishment, on the back of a less than stellar performance, was placed second, qualifying her for Crufts 2018! She regained her sparkle by the end of the judging, and returned to the ring for the Speciality Black class, and, to the delight of the Lyzahro team and supporters, won the class in style, which means that at both the Schnauzer Club and Miniature Schnauzer Club, the Lyzahro Team have walked away with Best Black and Best White Speciality!

SCGB is a success for Team White.

Two weeks after Crufts, the alarm rang rather earlier than is sociable, and the Team piled into the car to make the long journey north for the Schnauzer Club Of Great Britain Championship Show. Lydia had entered the boys into non-qualifying classes, just to take the pressure off Anne, who was getting into the swing of things, and the special White class, which Huzzah has won for the past two years. 

The boys took to the ring in the Novice Dog class, and delighted their handlers by walking away with Huzzah in second, and Madog in third. Huzzah stayed in the ring for the Graduate class, and took home a third. Hope sauntered in for Novice Bitch, and and took home a fifth in a strong class. She returned to the ring for the Black speciality class, and she absolutely sparkled in the ring, and came away with Best Black Speciality!

The boys returned to the ring for the White Speciality class, against Harry and Rachel from Quintastique. The three dogs put in great performances, but Huzzah shone through, and the judge had no hesitation in awarding him Best White Speciality for the third year running! Madog took home another third to add to his haul, which delighted Anne. The three whites will have a return head to head in three weeks at the Miniature Schnauzer Club Show.

Team White in the Press

Dogs in the News article on Team White at Crufts 2017.

Team White Shows Off At Crufts 2017

Lydia and Huzzah makes the highlights reel.....

Crufts Day 2.

Team White hits Crufts.

March 10th soon rolled round, and Team White, including the newest member, headed to Birmingham for the best 4 days of the year. Lydia, Austin, Huzzah and Hope spent the night in their hotel, while Madog relaxed in the motorhome with Anne and Geraint. 

The day started early, with Lydia and Austin hitting the NEC at 7am, to be joined by Anne, Geraint, and their friends Lisa and Joe. They had barely settled in, and hadn't even got the Beards out of the crates before Lydia and Huzzah were hunted down by the Crufts Press Team, and were told that they would like to set up cameras to film the Team in action!

Soon more friends and supporters gathered round, with the usual gang from the Miniature Schnauzer Forum having made the trip from as far afield as Scotland to join them for the day. Laura, the Editor from Dogs in the News joined them for the third year running, and soon helped them open the prosecco!

Anne was nervous and excited in equal measure as she took to the green carpet alongside Lydia, and the two whites drew a lot of attention, as usual! Neither dog was placed on the day, but both put in superb performances, with Huzzah proving, yet again, that he is a big occasion dog, and really enjoying his time under the lights.

Huzzah and Lydia where then whipped away by the press team to conduct interviews, much to Huzzah's disgust, when all he wanted to do was lie in the crate and sleep!

Hope soon took to the ring, and absolutely sparkled on the green carpet, but was unlucky not to be placed.

The Lyzahro Team expands.

As the 2017 show season starts picking up momentum, the Lyzahro Team expanded slightly.... Anne has come on board as a handler, to handle Madog! Lydia is heading into her 19th year in the ring, and Anne has decided to join her daughter in her overwhelming passion. The Mother-Daughter team took to the ring at Utility Breeds of Wales Open Show, where Anne was suprised and delighted when Madog beat Hope in the Post Graduate class, with the two Lyzahro dogs taking first and second. Huzzah was not to be outdone, and brought home a 4th in a strong Open class. 

Fast forward  a week to Swansea, and Madog and Anne experienced their first AVNSC class, and came away with a third behind a very beautiful poodle, and Hope came away from the same class with a fourth. Huzzah braved another strong AVNSC Open class, but came away with nothing. Lydia and Kendra took to the ring, and showed their class as always, and came away with Best AVNSC and Group 3. 

Llynfi Valley then came along, which is the traditional last show before Crufts for the Lyzahro and Das Erbe Teams, and Hope strutted her way to a second in Post Graduate, and Huzzah a third in Open. Kendra sparkled her way to another Best of Breed, and a Group 3.

Picking up where we left off.

2017 has started off in the manner of 2016. At the time of writing we are two open shows and one championship show to the good. The Lyzahro Team returned to the ring at the first available opportunity at the Welsh Kennel Club Open Show, with Hope taking a respectable 4th in a strong Open class. The Das Erbe Team re-entered the fray the following weekend, and Lydia and Kendra showed their usual aplomb to win their class and Best AVNSC over a well known Mastiff from a large kennel. Lydia then braved the Adult Handling competition with Kendra, and won the class, qualifying them for the Adult Handling Finals at City of Birmingham. Lydia also took to the ring with a young Bull Mastiff, and was delighted as he showed his quality to win both his class, and Reserve Best of Breed.

Proving that there is no rest for the wicked, Lydia and Jo headed north to Stafford for Manchester Championship Show, Kendra in tow. As usual they faced up to the Top Winning Giant Ch Philoma's Lana Lang. In a pattern that is becoming rather familiar, Kendra and Lydia took second in Open bitch and Reserve Best Bitch behind Kevin and Lana. 


(Kenquartz Berrylicious)


2016 is drawing to a close, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our friends and supporters for making this year such a great one. We've had more "firsts", including Huzzah representing our kennel at the Schnauzer Showcase, Madog debuting at Crufts, Hope taking her first two adult Best of Breeds and making new friends across the UK and Europe. Having the support from people across the UK has been invaluable again this year, and it has enabled us to be part of something amazing. We had the chance to change a life this year, and have been able to watch a little lost soul transform to a confident and beautiful schnauzer. We've reconnected with dogs and people from Huzzah's past, and have faced up to, and comes to terms with Romanii's lifelong and life limiting illness. All of this would not have been possible without the people around us.

2017 looks set to be even better, with several of our long laid plans coming to fruition. We really hope that you'll all be with us during the next chapter for Lydia, Austin and the Lyzahro gang. You are all always welcome on our page, in our home and around the ring. May 2017 bring you laughter, good times, and all you could wish for. 

Enjoy yourselves this Christmas, and eat, drink and be merry!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

Lydia, Austin, Huzzah, Hope, Romanii and Madog.

Family Event At BUBA.

With the end of the year fast approaching, and all Open Shows for 2016 completed, all Lydia and the team had to do, was get through two long drives for the last two Championship Shows of the year. First up, British Utility Breeds Association in Stafford. BUBA has long been one of Lydia's favourite shows, with it's distinctive Christmas atmosphere, but this year it was to become memorable for more than one reason.

Having taken Madog out of the ring in August for a rest after his rather lacklustre performance at Welsh Kennel, Lydia and Anne had decided to give him one last shot at qualifying for Crufts....with a difference. Anne was determined to handle him herself! What she was not prepared for, was the 4.30am start! 

The drive was uneventful, the walk in to the show was more so, as the wheel sheared off the show trolley, and it needed to be held up for the final 200 metres. Not the best of starts to the day, but Lydia and Anne were still hopeful.

Madog took to the ring first, being shown for the first time by Anne, who was supported by many of Team White's friends at ringside. To her delight and astonishment, he qualified for Crufts in style, winning his class!

Huzzah soon followed, but showed that he was ripe for a rest himself, played up and did not put in his best performance, but still bagged himself a placing, coming fifth in his class. 

Hope was the last to go, and put in a faultless performance, and was rewarded with a third. 

West Is Best For Hope.

On a cold and dark November morning, Lydia and the Team headed west to Carmarthen for Amman Valley Open Show, one of the last Open shows of 2016. Hope and Huzzah were less than impressed with the conditions, and kept their jumpers and coats on until the very last moment. Lydia and Jo were also feeling the cold, and refused to unwrap further than they absolutely had to! 

Conditions in the barn were less than ideal, as not only was the temperature just above freezing, but in an attempt to warm the barn up enough for people not to catch hypothermia, the burger van had moved inside, which made the air smoky and was the cause of more than one canine burger stealing!

Undaunted, Hope took to the ring for her class, and walked away with a win. Huzzah was unsettled and decided he would rather pretend to be a kangaroo than to keep all four paws on the floor, and, despite making the judge laugh, did not enamour him to Lydia much on the day! He walked out with a fourth, and retired to the crate to warm his paws up. Hope returned to the ring against Val and Chloe, and delighted Lydia by winning her second Best of Breed of the year!

Kendra was not to be outdone, and also scooped the Giant Best of Breed in her class. No further awards were to come their way on the day, and both Lydia and Jo were more than happy to call it a day and head to the warmth of their cars!

Lydia And Kendra Show Their Class At Giant Schnauzer Championship Show.

A late October weekend proved to be one of the best of the year for Lydia and Kendra. On the Saturday, Lydia and Austin headed to Birmingham to attend a wedding of one of Lydia's closest friends. In true dog handler style, Lydia managed to combine the weekend with the Giant Schnauzer Club Championship Show, and despite a rather late night at the reception, Lydia and Austin arrived at the show in time to see the Open Dog class, which was easily taken by Bruce from Draxpark.
 Having removed the majority of the alcohol from her system with a spa session immediately before heading to the show, Lydia took the lunch break to get some fresh air, and get some practice in with Kendra. 
The pair soon took to the ring for Post Graduate Bitch, and was so decisively awarded the class, that it seemed to have never been in doubt. Breed specialist Gail Wise obviously had her eye on Kendra, and to the delight and suprise of Lydia and Jo, Kendra was soon to receive her second Reserve CC of the month behind Top Winning Giant Lana Lang from the Philoma Kennel. This was an exact replica of the day the two bitches had had back at South Wales Kennel, which made both Lydia and Philoma's Kevin Cullen laugh. 
After watching Lana Lang comfortably stroll into the Best in Show spot, Lydia and Kendra were called back into the ring to face Michael Veal and his dog Midnight to challenge for Reserve Best in Show. Neither Lydia nor Jo expected any more from the day, and would have been delighted to go home with just the RCC. Gail Wise and Kendra had other ideas, and to Lydia's absolute delight, Gail awarded the team Reserve Best in Show! 

Onwards, By All Means.

Today I cried.
Today I watched a piece of my heart walk out of my front door and off into her new life.
I cried because Quinny has been so amazing. She has proved to me every day that she is the most resilient girl I have ever met.
I cried because she has faced every new challenge with fear, but has overcome it every single time to change her world.
I cried because she is braver than me. She is facing a whole new challenge, and I know she'll be so strong.
I cried because I could have done more and because I could have given her more.
I cried because I'd done everything I could, and because she has come so far.
I cried because she's shown me how far Huzzah has come; what I've achieved with him, and how far we still have to go.
I cried because you guys restored my faith in humanity, and reminded me that there is so much good in the world, if only you look for it.
This last week has been challenging, amazing, upsetting and rewarding. I wouldn't change it in anyway, because all the while I was teaching her love, she was teaching me hope. Hope for a better world, and belief that life could only get better.
Today I smiled because I'm honoured to be part of Quinny's new start, and because I'm part of a huge, loving, incredible doggy family, who travel for hours and give up time, money and love for these wonderful beards.
I'll forever love and miss my little lost soul, but onwards Quinny, 

onwards by all means.

The Mighty Quinn Goes Home.

As you may be aware, Quinn has been with us for a whole week. She is now ready to head off to her new home in Liverpool with Jenny Kirk, an experienced Schnauzer rescuer.

First, let me stop and reflect on the amazing, hard, wonderful, heart melting week. Quinn has only been with us a short 7 days. In such a short space of time she has astonished me with her capacity to love, to learn, to face her fears and bounce back. She has been so brave while her old world has been turned upside down, and has faced up to a whole new world.
She's crept so deep into my heart, I think about her whenever I'm away from her, and to see her excitement and joy when I come home is enough to keep me smiling. Her delight in being able to run and play with Hope, while checking in with Huzzah to make sure life is okay, os infectious, and I find myself standing and watching for ages, usually when I should be doing something else!
I'm humbled and honoured when I see her figuring out the stairs, just so she can follow me when I leave the room, and everytime she decides to pin me down and kiss me, just because she can, brings tears to my eyes. Just the fact she has decided that I'm worth trusting enough to look after her makes me proud.
And to all of you, you wonderful people and dogs, you have made an incredible difference to her life, although you may not know it. Your willingness to reach out and help a dog you've never met, and that some of you may never meet has allowed us to raise £1000 for her inital and future vet bills. I'm overwhelmed, astonished, humbled. Thank you is not enough, but thank you.
Your selfless and generous donations have not only made her rescue possible, but you've given her a future.

Golden Girls At South Wales Kennel

Builth Wells has long been a lucky showground for the Lyzhro and Das Erbe Teams, and this years South Wales Kennel Association Championship Show was to be no different. In previous years this show has been the scene for Huzzah's first qualification for Crufts, 12 months later, Madog accomplished the same feat, which set the scene for 2016....

Lydia and Kendra have been having a tremendous form recently, and their partnership has been going from strength to strength. Hard on the heels of their recent Reserve Best in Show win, they took to the ring in the cattle barns, determined to give a good performance. They were delighted to win their class against two attractive pepper and salt bitches, and headed into the bitch challenge with their heads held high. Having seen Sandie and Kevin Cullen of the Philoma kennel take a clean sweep of the awards in the Dog challenge, Lydia and Jo were not expecting a great deal from the challenge. Kevin Cullen expertly piloted his champion bitch to the bitch CC, and to the delight of Jo, Lesley, Jim and the other spectators, Lydia and Kendra were awarded the Reserve CC!

This is Lydia's second RCC with one of the Das Erbe dogs, and given the amount of work Lydia has put in with Kendra, probably the most rewarding!

For Quinn

For Quinn

To walk beside you every day,will be a gift not a curse I have to say .

A human makes choices for you, good or bad, not your choice,sweet one the life you had.

Some-times a treasure a gift from afar saves you from misery,coldness and harm.

If only we could get our message out there!!!

To Treat with love and kindness and make this abuse become rare.

Rest in the arms of your saviour Quinn, trust and goodness you will see.

We all pray for each little miss treated one, that their saviour, like Lydia,shall, break you free.

Onwards sweet one by all means

(Written by Vivienne Birkett)

Lyzahro To The Rescue.

As anyone even remotely connected to the dog world will know, puppy farms are the bane of the world. And sadly, Wales is known as a hotspot. The plight of these dogs is well known, but while there is a demand for "instant" puppies of any description, these places will continue to exist. Despite the general perception of the showing community's attitude to rescue dogs, the Lyzahro team opened their home and their hearts to a beautiful little rescue bitch this week. Since the death of Beth Dale, one of Team White's supporters, and the plight of her two schnauzers, Lydia has been part of a UK wide rescue team, that helps to find and rehome schnauzers in need across the country. For the past 12 months, her support has been mainly financial, however this time, the call came for her to take direct action. Knowing a that there was a schnauzer in need, just 40 miles from her door, Lydia sprung into action, supported by the entire rescue team. While the bitch was advertised as a well socialised, happy 2 year old bitch, it was clear from the photograph that this bitch was none of the above. 
After meeting with the "owner", it took less than 6 minutes for this poor girl to be passed into Lydia's care. The little girl was given a name, "Roxie", and Lydia took her straight to the vets for a check up. The poor soul was traumatised, with her coat matted to her skin and with incredible fear in her eyes. The vet declared her to be between 5-7, and as having had several (perhaps as many as 6) litters in her lifetime. She had no front teeth, and the vet said she would be need to have several of these out. She was also declared to be carrying passengers - i.e a massive infestation of fleas and ear mites. 
Roxie was taken home, and immediately plonked into the bath! She had 3 baths in 24 hours, mostly to deal with the "kennel smell", which, if you haven't experienced it, is simply indescribable. Roxie was, understandably, terrified and froze everytime someone came near her. Lydia spent several hours with her in the kitchen, trying to help her adjust to the constant presence of humans in the same room. 

As expected, the first 24 hours were rough to say the least, with Roxie struggling with the basics of house training as well as her complete confusion about how a house actually works. The Lyzahro Team were desperate to get to her and start making her feel welcome, but until Lydia was convinced that she was free of all her unwanted guests, this had to be postponed. The following day, Roxie had other ideas, escaping from her pen to spend time with the dogs, every time Lydia turned her back! Soon, all defences were down, with Lydia resigning herself to doing a mass ear mite prevention treatment. 

In the few days Roxie has been with the team, she has proved herself to be incredibly brave, and very very sweet. She has been shaved, groomed, cuddled and loved, and we hope she will soon start to relax around us and really start coming out of her shell. She is going to her new forever home at the end of next week, and has a new forever name - "Quinn".

Ladies Day At Llanelli.

The Lyzahro and Das Erbe teams headed west under lowering cloud and drizzle to the United Counties Showground for Llanelli Open Show. The day started in some confusion, as despite it looking like there would be plenty of time between the Mini and Giant classes, the Utility judge, Serena Parker, didn't appear to be in a hurry to get through the Utility classes, and the Mini classes clashed with Kendra's turn in the ring. Turning Kendra's lead over to well known junior handler Catherine Webb, Lydia abandoned her Giant charge to take Hope into the Graduate class. Her choice soon turned out to be the right one, when Hope was decisively awarded her class. Huzzah then took his turn, and put in a lovely performance to take the second. Pausing only to see Catherine battling with Kendra (who was the only one in her class, luckily!) and being awarded Best of Breed, Lydia and Hope returned to the Utility Ring to challenge for Best of Breed against the winner of Open, another black mini. To Lydia's delight and astonishment, Hope appeared to be on a roll, as she was barely in the ring for more than two minutes, and came out with the coveted Best of Breed rosette! No more awards were to come the Team's way, but Hope put in a beautiful performance for her first appearance in the Adult Group.

Kendra's turn in the Group under a different Group judge, Mr Mallick, came, and Lydia was back in charge of the lead, and Kendra put in a spectacular performance to take home Working Group 1! Jo was thrilled, and Lydia's delight was clear to see, as she danced with Kendra around the ring, waving the rosette! The teams settled in for a long and warm wait for Best in show, and finally, four hours later, Lydia and Kendra were ready to take to the ring again for Best in Show. The pair put in the best performance they could, and were beyond delighted and shocked to be awarded Reserve Best in Show by Serena Parker! Once again they amused the crowds with their over the top dancing and obvious happiness, although Kendra was rather too exuberant, and ended up headbutting Lydia so hard she split her lip!

Hope takes centre stage at City of Birmingham.

A 5am wake up call started a wet and miserable Sunday in September for the Lyzahro team. With wipers beating against the seemingly never ending rain, the team took to the motorway to head north to Stonleigh Park for the City of Birmingham Championship Show. Having debated all week about leaving Hope behind, Lydia had eventually packed Huzzah and Hope into the car, and drove for three hours to the far side of Coventry.

 After several sat nav malfunctions, the team arrived with 10 minutes to judging, and Lydia hurried to get Huzzah into shape for his class. He was more than excitable in the ring, not having had enough time to settle prior to the class, but was rewarded for his efforts with a pleasing third. He has yet to leave a championship show without being placed so far in 2016.

 Hope then came out, and was turned over to experienced groomer Danielle Ingarfill, who generously turned her out for her class. Clearly having a magic touch, and much to Lydia's suprise, Hope was placed first in her class! Further help was to hand before the bitch challenge, and Andrea Harwood, another experienced groomer and breeder, added her touches to Hope's legs, and she really looked the part in the bitch line up. She was not to go any further on the day, but Lydia was not disappointed, as this was Hope's first class win, and in fact the first Lyzahro class win at a Championship show!

A huge, huge thank you goes to Danielle and Andrea for their help and advice today, and for turning Hope out in such style, and to our judge Mrs J Rual for thinking so highly of the team. 

A wet Monmouth day is a Giant success.

Das Erbe Giants, Lyzahro Schnauzers and Droleus Cavaliers joined together in a pattern that is steadily becoming familiar at Open Shows, to have another sucessful day at Monmouth Agricultural Show. The rain held off for the breed classes, giving the teams time to go through their paces. Sue's young team of Paaws and Georgiia were fist to brave the damp grass, and walked away with a second for Paaws, and a first and Best Puppy for Georgiia. Sue then piloted Hope through the breed class, her first time handling one of the Lyzahro Beards, and was unlucky to come away with nothing, as she was soundly beaten by her kennelmate Huzzah, who defied the odds to be placed 4th from a class of 6. 

Kendra was the last one to face the breed class, and walked away with a 1st and Best of Breed. The rains then came down, and the three teams retired to the gazebo, that Jo had had the foresight to bring! The groups were then held under canvas, and in smaller rings than Lydia and Jo would have liked, but Kendra still managed to show her class and walked away with Group 2! 

Not to be outdone, Georgiia and Sue also brought home a Group 2 from the Toy Puppy Group.

A Day in The Life Of a Lyzahro Beard (Or.... Is It Really Too Early For Gin?)

So, in the month that Kae has been with us, Hope has been an absolute angel. She's not jumped the babygate, not eaten things off the table, and not made a mess. So she's been left loose in the kitchen with the boys, after months of confinement in her crate whenever we go out. Today I popped out to the garage for 10 minutes. I open the front door, to Kae sitting in the corner of the living room, as far away from the kitchen as she can get. In said kitchen, Huzzah is sitting folornly on the bin lid, surrounded by a sea of crapfrombin, while Romanii has put himself in the crate, and Hope's backside is protruding from the tipped over bin, tail wagging frantically while she investigates all the things she hasn't had time to drag out.
In my haste to drag her back out, before she reaches the bottom, and possibly finds Narnia, I singularly failed to see that she has also turned the tiled floor into a waterskiing park, and thoughtfully righted the bowls again, so it looks like magic. While my acrobatic skills are decidly below the standard seen at Rio in the last fortnight, I'm fairly sure that the triple spin and a landing in the pike postition would at least have merited an 8.5.
To sum up...Hope has lost her freedom for the forseeable future, Huzzah has been rescued from the bin lid, Romanii is still in the crate, refusing to come out, Kae is denying all knowledge, and I'm sitting on the sofa, nursing a swollen elbow and wondering if it's too early for a gin....

Third Time Lucky For Lyzahro.

August sees the return of Lyzahro's lucky show, the Welsh Kennel Club championship show, held in Buith Wells. Traditionally the Giants and Minis are on different days, but at least one of these days is usually heralded by pouring rain. Luckily for the Lyzahro team, Mini day dawned clear and bright, and the weather forecast showed a settled day ahead for the team. Wellies were still needed for the car parks however!

Lydia was joined ringside by Laura from Dogs In The News, who had travelled down to meet the team, as she wanted to see them through from qualification to Crufts 2017. 

Madog was first to grace the ring, but showed little enthusiasm for his part, and was decidedly reluctant to show in his usual manner. He was lucky to be placed fourth, despite the lack of flare. Huzzah then took to the ring, and gave one of his better, more collected performances under well respected all round judge Albert Wight. To Lydia's pleasure, Mr Wight expressed his delight at seeing a white in the fur in a UK show ring, as he had only every judged them on the continent. Huzzah's presence and movement on the day won him over, and Mr Wight awarded him second in Post Graduate Dog, delighting Lydia and Laura, and sealing his all important qualification for Crufts 2017. Huzzah has now qualified for the World's Greatest Dog Show for three years on the trot.

 Hope was the last to take a turn around the ring, a mere formality for her, after her qualification at Windsor in July. She had other ideas however, and took the class by suprise, and came home with a third place!

Huzzah's critique can be seen below:

2 Williams' Beanara Njals Saga at Lyzahro. A white, having ear trouble, and coat not yet at it's best. Well balanced head, good muzzle and well shaped eyes. Ribs to the elbow, fairly compact and well balanced side action. Needs lots of time.

Family Day Out At Vale of Glamorgan.

The Lyzahro Team headed down to Cardiff, to the beautiful setting of Fonmon Castle, to join up with Droleus Cavaliers and Das Erbe Giants for a full family day out at the Vale of Glamorgan Open show. Vale show has, in the past, been a successful show for the teams, and this year promised to be no different.

The Mini Beards were up first, and took to the ring against their usual rivals, and good friend's Val and her black and silver Chloe. A pepper and salt from across the border came and took away all available plaudits including Utility Group 1 and BIS. Huzzah was placed 4th, and Hope 5th, which at least led to consistent placings for the team. The Giant Beards then took to the ring, and Kendra was just about well behaved enough to take home a third, while Kaegen, returning to the ring only 10 weeks after having puppies, looked the part, but was unfortunate to leave with only a second. 

Sue and Droleus Cavaliers were the ones to take home the big results of the day, with Italian Import Georgiia walking away with AV Toy Puppy and Puppy Group 1!

Langstone Open Show a success for Lyzahro.

Hope, finally released from her month long confinement in the house, rejoined Huzzah in the show ring at Langstone Canine Society at the weekend, and a good time was had by all. Julie Moss of Kopykats also attended, with her young 10 month old puppy, who cleaned the board, taking 1st in both classes, BOB and BPIB, leaving the Lyzharo team to do battle for the other placings with two other minis. 

Hope strutted her stuff in the graduate class to take 2nd with a very composed performance, but Huzzah was less calm in the ring, and bounced and danced his way into third.

Open Letters to the Lyzahro Dogs.

July 10th 2016.

Dear Huzzah,

Once again, this delightful time of year is upon us. That time where you, to use colloquial terms, completely lose your sh*t.
Allow me to remind you of how this has gone down, the last time any bitch in our living room has been in season. Not only have your many, many attempts to gain access to the pen been unsuccessful, but my reaction has been unequivocally the same.
May I also remind you that while your singing has not improved one iota, my aim with a water bottle improves daily, and your backside is always a tempting target.
Your impression of a toddler needing the toilet while standing in a queue is suprisingly accurate, but is thoroughly out of place on my living room floor while I'm trying to eat my tea.
Now, I'm sure that Hope is currently an alluring temptress high up in her castle, allow me to recall several times she was not the paragon of virtue you appear to think she is. How about the time she chewed your beard and made you look like a chinese emperor? Or the time she used you as a spring board to bounce off the sofa and onto Ro? Or even the time she bit you on the nose because you tried to eat her tea?
So, while I have the water bottle to hand, and you're currently taking a deep breath prior to singing Hope the second verse of the song of your people, take some time to ponder on this. Your success rate at this juncture is 0%. My target rate on your testicles is 100%.
Save yourself and your dignity.



Dear Hope.
Allow me to start by congratulating you for reaching the age of 8 months without any fatal mishap. It truly has come as a suprise after the plaster incident, the tightrope walking act, the fearless leaping off walls before looking at where you'll land, however I feel that your last escapade has not only aged me prematurely, but may well lead to a restriction in your outdoor priviledges for the forseeable future. Before we get into further details, a little reminder. The bed is for me and Austin, it is not a wrestling mat for you to stage one of your epic rematches with Romanii. The stairs are not a racetrack, especially not while I'm negotiating them with my hands full of washing. And the hairband that you appear obsessed with, goes in my hair, not your mouth. But I digress.
Returning to the "incident" this afternoon that involved you dive bombing me from the top of a wall, 15 foot above my head, let me remind you that despite your imaginings, schnauzers are not indestructable. Secondly, my reactions, while in tune with the usual actions of puppies, are not wired to respond to aerial attacks of the four legged kind. And finally, I would like my hair colour to remain it's natural brunette, rather than for me to start sporting grey hairs at the age of 27. With this in mind, I hope you understand why I shall be investing in several bungee ropes, a net, and a very short lead. This doesn't mean that I don't love you, it just means that I would prefer you kept all four legs on the floor, and where I can see them.
An owner in need of a stiff drink.


Dear Huzzah.
While I know that Hope is currently an object of desire and is also locked up on the other side of the room, I do not appreciate you singing her the song of your people at 2am. Yes, she is staring at you and doing the bottom wiggle of attraction, but that does not mean that you must dribble into your beard whilst scrabbling the kitchen tiles away in a futile attempt to dig under the babygate. Yes, she probably does smell better than bacon and cheese combined, but my ears do not need the continuous high pitched whine that you feel is appropriate mood music.
In short, remove your brain from your testicles before I tie your front feet to your nose!
A long suffering schnauzer mother.

A Right Royal Occasion At Windsor.

Set in the park at the foot of Windsor Castle, and known to most handlers and breeders alike as the Pimms Show, Windsor Championship Show is one of the highlights of the summer show calendar. Historically a good show for the Lydia, she has taken a reserve CC with Kahn there in the past, the 2016 show promised to just as good, as Lydia, Austin, Anne and Geraint were all heading South to enjoy a day out. The sun was blazing down, and the gang settled in for a belated birthday party for Geraint. 
The dogs slept the heat of the day away in their cool coats, while Lydia and Austin caught the sun (and paid for it later!), and waited for the Minis to take to the ring. Madog was first in, and delighted his watching owners by taking 4th in Junior Dog. He was unlucky not to qualify for Crufts, just missing out on the coveted 1-3rd position. Huzzah then took to the ring, and was less than his usual calm and collected self, and made the judge laugh with his antics. He was unlucky to be unplaced in the class of 6.
Hope was last to enter the ring, and took her place in Post Graduate Bitch. She appeared to be feeling the heat a little, and was in fact, just starting to come into season (which may have had something to do with Huzzah's behaviour!), so was not her usual confident self. She did her best to impress the judge however, and delighted Lydia and the watching Austin by sauntering into third place and into a qualification for Crufts 2017! Lydia was absolutely stunned and thrilled with her, as this was her first time in the "big girls" class!

Kaegen turns her sights to motherhood.

We are delighted to announce the successful pregnancy and whelping of Kaegen and Bruce's litter! 10 beautiful pups were born on June 4th, with 7 girls and 3 boys gracing the Das Erbe Kennel. 

Carmarthen Open Show a summer success for Team White

Lydia and the Team drive through the rain for over an hour, to arrive in Carmarthen for the first of the West Wales shows of 2016. Facing a large class, Lydia was hoping for a good performance from all three Beards to see them through. They took to the ring alongside two other blacks, a black and silver and a pepper and salt under the watchful eye of Paul Hipkiss, who openly admitted that he had never judged schnauzers before. Huzzah put in a strong performance, and delighted Lydia by taking second place behind Val and Florence. To add to the suprises of the day, Madog calmly strolled into third, piloted by Sue's young handler Catherine. Hope was unlucky not to be placed, and left the ring. The judge had some lovely comments for the boys, and told Lydia and Val that he was struggling to pick between Huzzah and Chloe for first place, and had finally gone on personal preference on the day, as anything else was splitting hairs!

Lydia then took to the ring with a charming 6 year old Keeshund, and walked away with a second, and later in the day, took the lead of one of Sue Jones' Cavaliers from the Droleus Kennel in the Toy Puppy Group, but sadly left with nothing.

Sun shines at Southern Counties.

A sunny weekend in June saw a reduced Lyzahro team head across the bridge and into the south of England for the Southern Counties Championship Show. Huzzah and Hope made the trip, while Madog enjoys a two week holiday in France with Anne and Geraint. 

 The day started well, with Lydia and the team meeting up with Rachel and Harry from Quintastique Miniature Schnauzers. Harry and Huzzah were in the same class, both chasing the elusive Crufts qualification under a Finnish Judge. The sun was blazing down as the boys took to the ring, and both put in high quality performances, delighting both Lydia and Rachel. Harry was rewarded for his polished performance with a second, which meant he had sealed his qualification, much to Rachel's shock! Huzzah was less lucky, just missing out on the third place, and being awarded a fourth.

Hope soon had her turn, but was unlucky to leave the class without a placing.


Lydia (Lyzahro)


Rachel (Quintastique)

Rain dampens spirits at Royal Welsh.

Th Royal Welsh Spring Festival took place on Saturday 21st May at the Royal Welsh Showground in Builth, a familiar haunt of Lyzahro and Das Erbe. The day dawned grey and miserable, and despite the promise of clearer skies on the weather forecast, the welsh weather flatly refused to play, covering the showground in torrential rain and general misery. 

The day started badly for the Lyzahro team, with Madog using the crate for an indoor toilet overnight, and covering Huzzah's jumper and back leg in something that would have been better left outside! After a hasty wash in the sink, the team arrived at the showground to find all the exhibitors packed into a tent rather too small for the numbers, and they struggled to get enough space to move around in. Jo and Kendra opted to stay outside in the light rain, until this became heavier, and they took cover in the adjoining tent, where the Working ring was set up. Due to a late judge change for the Utility Group, Lydia and Team White were left to go under a judge who, in the past, had made his sentiments clear on the "white issue" and Lydia predicted that Val and Florence would walk away with Best of Breed on the day (as Florence was the only pepper and salt there). Being short of a handler for the first class, Lydia roped in her father to show Madog, which ensured some hilarity among the family, as Madog was not keen to perform for him! They left the class with a fourth, behind Hope and Lydia in 3rd. 

Huzzah then graced the ring against Florence, and suffered much the same fate as Madog. The judge commented on his lack of teeth (apparently he saw three missing, which suprised everyone as Huzzah has a perfect set of teeth, and to our knowledge has not lost any....and we did a thorough check afterwards!), and had no hesitation in awarding the class to Florence, delighting Val, as she was now guaranteed both Best and Reserve Best of Breed.

Unfortunately the Mini classes clashed with Giant classes, and Lydia was unable to show Kendra as planned. Not the best day out we've had!

Little Beard Day Out at Aberystwyth.

The Lyzahro Team braved the May Day bank holiday rain and winding roads to Aberystwyth on the Welsh coast for a day out with Droleus Cavaliers at Aber Open Show. As the team pulled up the rain began in earnest, and the two show teams dodged the downpour by mere seconds as they piled into the sports centre ready for another show day.

Madog was first up in the AVNSC classes, and put in a composed performance to take a second place. Hope, despite having succumbed to a poorly stomach both earlier in the week, and while waiting to go in the ring, impressed judge Stephen Rann for a second time in 6 months, and walked away having won her class with a mature performance for one so little and so poorly! Huzzah then took to the ring, and gave Mr Rann serious food for thought, and pushed him very hard for the decision. He was unlucky to miss out on the top spot in the class, but consolation came in the form of Mr Rann's remarks, describing him as the best mover out there in the breed, and with him expressing his suprise that we have (so far!) been unable to make him into a champion. 

Huge thanks to our judge Mr Stephen Rann for his comments and placings.


1st Williams' Habanera Eldzh Hope For Lyzahro (Imp UKR)

16 month bitch, Still maturing with oat just growing from puppy. Good length of head without fold. Good muzzle with wide nostrils. Dark eye set well. Strong chest, high tail set. Moved out well, which won her the class.

Big Beard Day at Builth.

Lydia, Jo and Kendra headed to Mid Wales to attend National Working and Pastoral Breeds Association of Wales, where last year, Kendra showcased her cheeky side, and tested Lydia's handling skills to the maximum. Kendra, having spent twelve months growing into a beautiful young lady, took to the ring with such confidence, and looked like a totally different dog. Ignoring the tannoys (which have, in the past, spooked her and lead to poor performances in the ring), she put in a beautiful performance, and came away with a first in her class, much to Jo's delight. She returned to the ring to go head to head with the other bitch that was present, and was unlucky to leave with only Reserve Best Bitch.

All eyes on Huzzah at Showcase.

The week following SCGB, Huzzah and Lydia took off for the prestigious Schnauzer Showcase, to take part in the Special Newcomer category. Arriving at the hotel, the team met up with some good friends, who had qualified for Schnauzer of the Year, and looked set for a good day out.

Huzzah, showing his enthusiasm for anything to do with showing, was very excited, albeit slightly confused at seeing a ring made out of chairs and with a floor of carpet. His happy go lucky personality shone through, and he spent most of his time singing loudly and bouncing up and down. He managed to settle long enough to stand on the table for the judge, Mr Parsons, to look over him, and to put in a steady performance on the move. It was only Lydia's sheer determination and handling skills that kept him in one place during the line up, much to everyone's amusement. Huzzah was not placed at the end of the class, but Mr Wareham, Chairman of Schnauzer Club, introduced the pair to the assembled crowd, and complimented Lydia's dedication to the colour, and wished the kennel and Huzzah all the best for their future shows, and felt that the future of the colour in the UK was in safe hands.

Huzzah and Lydia had several well wishers stop at their trolley after the class, and complimented them both on their presentation, and Lydia's handling skills. Even without being placed, the day was great exposure for whites in general, and Lyzahro in particular!

 This is the single greatest honour that our kennel has had, and we would like to thank the Schnauzer Club of Great Britain for recognising our contribution and enthusiasm for the breed.

Schnauzer Club proves a success for the Lyzahro Team.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, Lydia and the Lyzahro Team (minus Madog, who had succumbed to a poorly stomach two days before) headed off to the annual Schnauzer Club of Great Britain Championship Show. They were to meet up with Das Erbe Giants and Quintastique Miniature Schnauzers, making it a real "family" day out for the three kennels. 

After a pleasant three hour drive, Lydia took to the ring with a Giant from the Grovelea Kennel, Harvey, a dog that she had piloted to a Crufts Qualification at the same show last year. They were not to repeat their success of the previous year, but Harvey was still rewarded with a 5th place in his class. Dashing from the ring almost immediately, Lydia was then taking Huzzah into his breed class, under renowned Polish judge Mr Bo Skanlen. Once on the table, Mr Skanlen offered some very generous words of advice to Lydia with regards to improvements to Huzzah's grooming, and complimented him on having the best coat and movement that he had seen from a white schnauzer in the UK. This alone would have delighted Lydia, but Huzzah felt the need to step up his game, and impressed Mr Skanlen to such an extent with his performance that he placed Huzzah 5th in his class.

Kendra was next to take to the ring, and Lydia showed her to the full extent of her potential, and the two took home a 1st in Post Graduate Bitch, delighting owner Jo in the process. They were unlucky not to be placed in the Bitch line up.

Hope then demanded her turn, and was in a large junior bitch class. She put in a lovely performance, and Mr Skanlen again offered some very welcome advice about Hope's coat. She was well beaten by some beautiful bitches in her class, and left the ring without being placed.

The speciality classes were then to come. Hope returned to the ring for the Black class, and from a class of eight, took home a fourth. 

Huzzah, looking to maintain his record of winning the White class, went head to head with Harry, the Belarussian import from the Genstat Kennel, owned and handled by Rachel from Quintastique. Both dogs put in some lovely performances, and to Lydia's delight, Huzzah came out on top for the second year running!

CRUFTS 2016.

The waiting is over.. It's CRUFTS WEEK!

The excitement has been palpable at Lyzahro over the last few weeks, and although nothing can top the day we had last year, nothing can dampen the team's enthusiasm for the Greatest Dog Show in the World. Austin and Lydia packed Romanii off to his breeder's for a little holiday, and after dropping Hope off with Lydia's parents, Team White took off for Birmingham to stay in a travelodge the night before Utility day. 

Utility day dawned cold and clear, and the pre 6am wake up call got the team out of bed and by 6.30 they were packed into the car and heading towards the NEC. Traffic was already biulding on the M6 and M42, leaving the team to take the back roads to the NEC, which meant they arrived in plenty of time, and parked as close to Hall 1 as possible. 

Disaster quickly struck however as the trolley containing the dogs lost a wheel after it sheared off on the way into the arena. Not to be deterred, Austin manfully held up the wheel-less corner of the trolley while Lydia pushed! After balancing the trolley back on it's wheel as a temporary fix for the day, the team set up and prepared to meet many of the friends and supporters that were visiting Crufts again. 

Bagmed Schnazuers, a Belfast based kennel owned by Carol and Peter White that made friends with the Lyzahro team last year, were also there, and the wo kennels settled in to start the Crufts party. 

Yet again, friends and supporters from the Minature Schnauzer forum came from far and wide to meet up and see the Team. The boys sponsor Tricia Cockshott from Schnoozing Schnauzers came to cheer the boys on, and have some well deserved cuddles. To Lydia's absolute delight, from across the ring, she spotted another white schnauzer! After following them (in a slightly stalkerish manner!) across to their benches and introducing herself, Lydia was amazed to discover that they were the Spanish Kennel Made In Spain, one of the biggest White kennels in the world. They said that they had seen Huzzah on the television last year, and this was what had encouraged them to attend Crufts! Within about half an hour of this discovery, yet another white bitch was seen! This time, she had travelled from Finland to compete, taking the total of whites present on the day up to 4! 

Laura, Austin and the Schnauzer forum settled in around the ring with cameras, ready to document Madog and Huzzah's day in the ring. Madog, taking all the noise. people and echoes in his stride, decided to liven things up by widdling up Lydia's leg right before heading into the ring! Despite this, he put in a really composed performance for such a little dog, and drew some pleasing compliments from the crowd. He was, as expected, unplaced, but Lydia was delighted with him. Huzzah then took to the ring, and not only decided to follow Madog's ring performance, but also decided to wee on Lydia as well (much to Austin's amusement!). Huzzah showed himself off to his best advantage, but became suddenly flighty, and would not let Lydia touch his back end. Lydia, clearly concerned about his welfare, changed her handling tactics to allow Huzzah to free stand in the final line up. The judge considered him closely, but did not place him on the day.

Clare Balding came past to see the team before the show, and wished them all the luck in the world, and stated that she remembered Huzzah fondly.

Once the Lyzazhro and Bagmed teams had been in the ring, it really was time to crack open the bubbly, cut the cake, and get the party started!

See Laura's Write up of the day here:


United Colours represented by the Lyzahro and Bagmed Kennels.

Countdown To Crufts 2016.

As this year's Crufts appears ever closer, the excitement is building here at Lyzahro. As our followers will remember, last year Huzzah was featured in an article by Dogs in The News, and on his big day, reporter Laura joined us and documented his phenomenal journey for us. Well this year Laura has been back in touch, and has again shone the spotlight on Team White ahead of our 2016 competition. She has written another fantastic article on Huzzah and Madog, and is invaluable in helping us to promote White Schnauzers across the UK.

Huzzah to take centre stage.

After Huzzah's spectacular 2015 season, Lydia thought that little could top his fantastic placings. The post however, had different ideas. We are delighted to announce that Huzzah has been invited to enter the Schnauzer Showcase in the Special Newcomer Class. This prestigious event is attended by the top winners in all three sizes, and is an invitation only event. As far as we know, Huzzah is the only white schnauzer to be invited this year, and Lydia is looking forward to him strutting his stuff at the most important Schnauzer gathering of the year!

An early Valentine's Day date for Lydia and Huzzah.

After seeing Austin off in the early morning on a stag do, Lydia and the boys headed off to Swansea Open Show on February 13th, determined to spend the day in good company. Despite the schedule stating that the Utility Breeds would be in the ring sometime around 12.30pm, the Toy Judge took an inordinate amount of time to judge his breeds, and the Utility exhibitors were starting to get infuriated. They were then moved to a new ring, and discovered that the slow bug had also bitten their judge. Finally, after being at the show since 8am, the schnauzers finally entered the ring at 6pm. The boys where exhausted and bored, yet still managed to pull fantastic performances out of the bag, and were 2nd in Graduate and Open respectively. They both lost to the same standard poodle who was the clear winner on the day. Madog also took his final Best Puppy, and was unlucky not to be placed in the Group. Yet again Hope was locked in solitary (with Romanii the other side of the pen for company) for the day, and was glad to see the gang when they got home.

Utility Breeds of Wales.

Lyzahro took off to join Valerie (Ralieve Schnauzers), Claire (Clairachon Spitz) and Hazel (Hazdawn Spitz) for a Utility day out in Tredegar at Utility Breeds Association of Wales. Unfortunately an unscrupulous exhibitor brought a bitch in season to the show, and stood talking to Lydia and Valerie, with the bitch outside the boys trolley, sending them both through the roof. Their behaviour as a consequence was difficult to control, and Huzzah was lucky to walk away with a second in Open. Madog took second in Junior, and was awarded Best Puppy in Breed.

Hope was unable to attend the show, as she had come into season, and was under house arrest!

2016 Show Season Starts.

Lydia and the Lyzahro team took a snowy journey over the Brecon Beacons to Neath for the Welsh Kennel Open Show, and to catch up with friends from across the breeds. Madog rejoined the team, and was piloted by Phil (Lluynamill Smooth Fox Terriers) to a very respectable 3rd place, despite having a little "wobble" on the table and trying to wrap his lead around his paws while trying to hug Phil! Hope, acting less like her confident and bouncy self, was clinging to Lydia, and was only happy to stand and stack with Rachel, so Lydia had to run her around the ring. Huzzah put in a classic performance, and was unlucky to come fourth, while Hope was extremely lucky to be placed second behind Valerie and Chloe, who deservedly took home Best of Breed. 

Madog also took home Best Puppy in Breed, and then delighted everyone by walking away with Utility Puppy Group 4.

Merry Christmas!

2015 has been an amazing year for Lyzahro, and as the year draws to a close, we would like to take a moment to look back, share with you some of our greatest memories, thank you all for your support and take a deep breath and get ready for the festive season.

At the start of the year we were celebrating Huzzah's Countdown To Crufts, and were excited to welcome Tricia Cockshott and Schnoozing Schnauzers into our team as sponsors for Team White. We saw H's popularity grow, and an incredible amount of support and belief grow around him. We were overwhelmed by the amount of people that came to Crufts to support us, and were delighted to meet in person some of our facebook friends and supporters. All our expectations were exceeded when Huzzah appeared on Channel 4's Best in Show programme with Clare Balding, and this is a memory that we will never, ever forget.

Shortly after, Hope made her entrance into our lives from the Ukraine. and we experienced the delight of being owned by a headstrong, cheeky little puppy, who has excelled herself in everything she has tried (bar behaving herself). We were delighted to have the chance to bring Helen Sleigh and MisSpelt on board to sponsor her. We also brought Madog in to the kennel from Macedonia, and introduced him into our parent's lives. We couldn't have done it without the support of our wonderful breeders Vytoria and Tanja, and we hope that we continue to make them both proud of their pups throughout their careers. 

We have achieved so much this year, with multiple group places for Hope, Huzzah's first Group placing, several Best of Breeds, and a double Crufts 2016 qualification for Huzzah, as well as a first time qualification for Madog.

2016 looks set to bring us more excitement and enjoyment in and out of the ring, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our friends and supporters, especially Rachel and Phil of Llyunamill Smooth Fox Terriers and Claire of Claireachon Spitz for handling the team throughout the year with such style! We couldn't have done it without you.

So we wish you all the best over this festive season, and hope that the New Year brings you luck, love, health and happiness.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Lydia, Austin, Huzzah, Hope, Madgo and Romanii.

 Hope unlucky once again.

After spending two weeks on cage rest, Huzzah showed a miraculous recovery when someone mentioned a show, and was determined to join us on the three hour trip to Stafford for the last show of the year. Lydia reluctantly piled him into the car alongside Hope and Madog, and determined only to show him if he proved up to it. After an uneventful trip, Huzzah bounded from the cage and proceeded to dance on his hindlegs, proving that there was little wrong with him!

 Madog took to the ring first, and was placed fourth after a composed performance, drawing compliments from the Stewards and bystanders as he did so. Huzzah then bounced in, and to Lydia's suprise, settled very quickly to give a lovely performance, and went home rewarded with a third! Hope was the last of the team to take to the ring, and all eyes were on the coveted 1st-3rd places, which would seal her qualification for Crufts 2016. She put in a beautiful performance, and Lydia was delighted, but disappointed only to come home with a 5th. 

Disaster strikes at Lyzahro.

After a frantic phonecall from Austin, Lydia arrived home in the last week of November to find Huzzah unable to stand on his back leg, and screaming in pain. After an emergency trip to the vets, he was provisionally diagnosed with a torn tendon or ligament in his pelvis and given medication to dull the pain. He is now on a minimum of two weeks cage rest.  Lydia and the team are very worried about our precious lad, and will keep updating our supporters with the latest news.

UPDATE : Huzzah's xrays have shown no damage to Huzzah's bones, tendons or ligaments, and his diagnosis has been revised to soft tissue damage following a fall. He is still on cage rest, but has been improving rapidly, and may even be well enough to join the team at BUBA next week.

Amman Valley a washout for Hope.

Hope took to the stage one last time as a puppy at the open show level, and Lydia had her fingers crossed for one last group outing for the little superstar. Hope did everything that she could to earn her place in the Utility Puppy Group, but was unlucky not to beat the bulldog puppy in the same class, instead taking home a third. Huzzah proved somewhat unsettled in his class, and again bagged himself a third. 

Temper tantrums at Blackwood.

Madog rejoined the Lyzahro team at Blackwood Open show and was handed into the charge of Rachel Turley (Llyunamill Smooth Fox Terriers) for the day. Huzzah returned to Phil Davies (Llyunamill), while Hope and Lydia aimed to continue their successful run at Open show level. Madog, despite having the occasional wobble, showcased his beautiful movement, and took a fifth. Hope, as ever, floated around the ring and showed her promise in profile, and into second and Best Puppy. Huzzah on the other hand, decided that he would have the biggest known diva tantrum, and not only threw up, he also used his handler's leg as a convenient toilet stop....twice! He pretended to choke while on a loose lead, and then made out that his legs didn't work and flopped to the floor and refused to move! Hilarity ensued, both in and out of the ring, and Huzzah went home with a fifth for consolation!

Hope continues to shine in the ring.

A reduced team headed off to Port Talbot and District Open Show on a cold and damp November weekend, leaving Madog behind to relax in the warm with Anne and Geraint. They teamed up with Claricheon Spitz and Claire was disappointed that her little charge was nowhere to be seen. 

The beards waited until the end of the day to be judged, and Hope took to the ring in a Graduate class, going head to head with a poodle puppy. She strutted her stuff with the confidence and aplomb that she is becoming known for, and finally took a second, and Best AVNSC Puppy. Huzzah did not fare so well in his class, and came home with a third. 

By the time the Group was called, Hope had succumbed to a poorly stomach, and was unable to avoid being unwell in the ring, and did not show herself off to her best advantage, and left empty pawed. 

The team's next outing will be at Blackwood next weekend.

A day to remember at Tredegar.

Lyzahro Schnauzers set off on a cold October morning to join their friends at Tredegar Open Show, one of the local shows that the team have always been placed at. Lydia was not expecting much from the day, as Huzzah was leaping around like a loon, Hope was pretending to be asleep, and Madog was just sitting the cage looking bemused! The miniature schnauzer class had the biggest number of entries that they has seen for a while, with seven dogs all competing for the Best of Breed title. There was a good representation of three of the four colours, with three pepper and salt, two black and two white schnauzers taking to the ring. Lydia had handed out the leads of Huzzah and Madog, knowing that she had a better chance of getting Hope to perform if she took her herself. Phil Davies from Llyunamill Smooth Fox Terriers stepped up to take Huzzah, and Madog returned to Claire of Claricheon Spitz for a second time. Lydia provided the bystanders and stewards with entertainment as she crouched behind people, sat on the floor and generally tried to hide from Huzzah and Madog while they moved around the ring. All three Lyzahro dogs put in strong performances, and Lydia was pleased with the standard shown on the day. To her (and everybody elses) shock and suprise. Huzzah was awarded 1st and Best of Breed, with Hope backing him up in second and with Best Puppy in Breed!! When the judge laughed at her reaction, and asked why she was so genuinely shocked that he had won, she told him that white's never win, as they are not always considered "correct". the judge, Mr Stephen Rann, just laughed and said that he was delighted with the quality of his entry, and that was reflected in his placings.

 Valerie and Florence took a well deserved third, and were so pleased for Lydia and the gang.

Expecting nothing in the Group, Lydia and Huzzah went it, looking to put in another strong performance, and the look of shock, suprise, delight and absolute joy when Huzzah was awarded Group 4 made the judge laugh, and their supporters clap and cheer. The judge's comments, firstly "Do you know a guy called Tin Tin" and, as he was awarding him the Group, "Well, white's never win do they?", his grin and pleasure in seeing how much it meant to the team were enough to bring tears of joy to Lydia's eyes as they did their lap of honour.

Hope flatly refused to be outdone in the Puppy Group, and put in the performance of her young life. She pushed Mr Rann hard for his decision, and she was just pipped to Group 1 by an Akita. Mr Rann had no hesitation in awardling her Group 2 with a huge smile and a kiss on the cheek for Lydia, as he could see how much the day had meant to them.

We would like to say a huge, huge thank you to Mr Rann for his opinion and for thinking to highly of our team today, to Claire and Phil for handling Huzzah and Madog with such skill, and to Val, Rachel and all the others who stayed to cheer us on, and congratulate us after the Group wins. It means so very much to us. 

The team's win will be published in Our Dogs at the end of October.


Huzzah (Beanara Njals Saga At Lyzahro)

Best Of Breed,

Utility Group 4

Hope (Habanera Eldzh Hope For Lyzahro IMP)

Best Puppy

Utility Puppy Group 2.

Critiques for Huzzah and Hope.

Judge: Mr Stephen Rann

1 Williams’ Beanara Njals Saga at Lyzharo, 3 years white male which apparently don’t win. Today the mould was broken. Easily the best mover in the class, robust, square on, built on 4 good legs. Well proportioned head with moderately broad occiput. Nose to forehead pleasingly parallel. Dark eye with bush eyebrow. Well developed thigh with vertical hocks. G4;

 2 Williams’ Habanera Eldzh Hope for Lyyzharo, 10 months black bitch. Another well put together example. Good head confirming femininity at a glance. Moved well with a good future for sure. BP, PG2.

Madog shines at South Wales Kennel.

After Madog's first successful outing in the show ring at the beginning of October, Lydia packed the newest member of the Team off with Hope and Huzzah to South Wales Kennel Association Championship show, for the first real test for both of the young pups. With Huzzah already qualified for Crufts, the focus of the day was the two youngsters, who had never attended a Championship show in the UK. 

Madog was the first to grace the ring in the cattle barns at the Royal Welsh Showgound, facing up to the other puppies in the Minor Puppy class (a class for puppies aged 6-9 months only), and despite this only being his second show, he showed flair and style enough to see him placed third in his class, thereby sealing the elusive qualification for Crufts 2016. Lydia and Austin were delighted and a little shocked, and simply could not wait to tell his breeder and his co-owner the fantastic news.

Huzzah took to the ring next, but refused to settle down and battled with Lydia all the way around the ring. Despite his behaviour, he was awarded 5th place in the class, and Lydia left the ring with him still bouncing and singing at the top of his voice, thinking things not lawful to be uttered!

Hope was the last to be shown, and was entered in the Puppy class (for puppies aged 6-12 months) and stood out as the only black in a ring of pepper and salts. She did not appear her usual composed self, and seemed confused and skittish at the three way shadows cast on the concrete floor by the floodlights above. She was placed 4th, and was very unlucky not to secure a place in the all important 1st-3rd positions, and only narrowly missed out on qualifying for Crufts herself.

Anne, Madog's co-owner and Lydia's mother, was beyond delighted to hear that her lad had qualified for Crufts, and seemed unable to take it in for the first five minutes. Tanja, his breeder in Macedonia was scarcely less pleased, and was soon spreading the news as far and wide as she could. 

As a kennel we are absolutely thrilled to have achieved the fabulous feat of qualifying not one, but two white schnauzers for Crufts 2016, and we simply cannot wait to see what the remainder of the show season brings us! We would like to say a huge thank you to Tanja Angelkova and the Saraswati Kennel for allowing us to have Madog here in the UK, and to all our friends and supporters, without who this journey wouldn't be half as exciting.


Huzzah (Beanara Njals Saga At Lyzahro

Madog (Saraswati Bonno Blue With Lyzahro IMP)

Treharris debut for next generation at Lyzahro.

Treharris and District Open show has always been a special show for Lydia and the Lyzahro team. Not only is Lydia on the committee, this show has been the show at which she has chosen to debut her dogs for the past two years. With the exception of Hope, Lydia has brought out the remainder of the team for their first shows at Treharris, citing it's warm and welcoming atmosphere as the ideal show to bring out young pups. In 2013, she brought out Huzzah, and piloted him to his first class win, and in 2014, Romanii took part in his first "proper" show.  2015 was to be no different, and Madog made his bow into the show world on the 3rd of October, facing up to his kennelmate Hope in the breed puppy class. Lydia roped in a good friend and spitz handler to guide Madog through his first paces in the show world. He performed to perfection, showing that the months of practice since his arrival into the UK had not been wasted. Lydia was delighted with his movement, and was pleased when he danced his way into third, while she and Hope strutted their way to a second. 

Huzzah then took to the ring, and instead of showing Madog how it was done, decided that he would bounce in the air and flap about like a raw puppy, rather than showcase his usual skills and flair in the ring. He took a respectable second behind Val and Florence, who were unlucky to lose out on Best of Breed, to the puppy that had headed the puppy class.

 Lydia then took to the ring again in the Utility group, this time piloting a young 23 month old spitz in the breed class for Claire, who had performed the same service for Lydia half an hour earlier! The pair took a first, which put a smile on all their faces. Her services were then called for by Lluynamill Smooth Fox Terriers, who she has handled for in the past, and she took charge of a lovely 9 month old puppy, who took second in his two classes, and then, back under the watchful eye of his owner Rachel he went on to take Terrier Puppy Group 1!

The Giants were the last to take to the ring, with Lydia handling both Kendra and Kaegen in their respective classes. Kaegen pulled the stops out and put in a stellar performance in her class, but was out moved in the challenge by her younger kennelmate, who went on to take Best of Breed. Claire stepped in again to stack Kaegen in the challenge, as, as good as Lydia is, even she can't stack two dogs at once! Kendra was unlucky not to be picked in the Group, but she put in a lovely performance, leaving Lydia and Jo delighted with the day as a whole.

On a roll at Monmouth.

On a wet and muddy day in a field in Monmouth, Das Erbe, Droleus and Lyzahro shared several umbrellas and tried to dodge the downpours throughout the day. Droleus got the lucky draw, and were moved inside the tents for their classes. The miniature and giant schnauzers were deemed to be tough enough to brave the rain and were left outside to battle the rain. 

Lydia took to the ring in the Terrier group with Rosie, a young, attractive Smooth Fox Terrier bitch from the Lluynamill Kennel, and came away with two thirds behind her more experienced kennelmates.

Huzzah then took to the ring, sliding on the grass and bounding around in his usual hyperactive manner. He clearly had girls on the brain, and it was an obvious battle for Lydia to try and keep him on track in the class. He did not put in his usual collected performance but was still awarded Reserve Best of Breed, much to Lydia and Jo's delight.

Kaegen and Kendra took to the ring against each other, and in a pattern that is steadily becoming the norm, Kendra upstaged Kaegen to win Best AVNSC, and went on to win Adult Working Group 3 under the expert guidance of Julie Williams.

Huzzah proves his credentials at Welsh Kennel Club.

Lydia, Das Erbe and the Lyzahro gang took the short drive up to Builth Wells for the local Championship Show. Faced with the prospect of back to back days at the Royal Welsh Showground, Lydia dug out her wellies and prepared to be damp until Monday. 

Saturday passed quickly, with a small entry of Giant Schnauzers, and Lydia and Kaegen were pleased to take a second in Open Bitch.

On Sunday Lydia and Huzzah returned to do battle for a Crufts qualification in the cattle barns. 57 miniature schnauzers were entered, and Huzzah once again stood out as the only white schnauzer entered. He took to the ring with his usual aplomb, despite being a little hyperactive in the run up to the class, but settled quickly on the move. With only four dogs entered in the class, Lydia was holding out for a third, which would ensure his qualification for the Greatest Dog Show in the World. To their extreme delight Huzzah was placed second, sealing the all important qualification and making Lydia's day. Friends and supporters of the team were waiting ringside to congratulate the pair, and took to facebook to express their delight. Team White is set to continue capturing hearts and minds in the run up to Crufts 2016!

Hope stands out at Vale of Glamorgan.

A mid week show is always a good way to break up the working week, and the Vale of Glamorgan Show is always a delight. In 2014 Huzzah shocked the crowds by walking away with his first Best of Breed. This year the team took to the stage to wow the crowds again. Hope was handled by Aaron, a Tibetan Mastiff handler, and she did her best to play him up and run to Lydia in the class. Huzzah, while being slightly distracted by a bitch in season in the same ring, strutted his stuff to a second and Reserve Best of Breed behind our good friends Alison and Fernley. Hope took a very respectable fourth, and was awarded Best Puppy in Breed, over the other black puppy in the class. 
Hope took to the ring with Lydia for the Puppy Group and immediately showed the judge what she had been missing in the breed class. She didn't put a paw wrong throughout the group, and to their delight, was awarded Utility Puppy Group 3!

Kaegen, determined not to be outshone, took to the ring in Giant Schnauzer Open with her kennelmate Kahn, and out moved and outclassed him to win the class. She then went up against her younger kennelmate Kendra, who delighted and suprised Lydia and Jo by winning Best of Breed and to top it off, Working Group 3.

Hereford proves lucky for Lyzahro.

Last year at Hereford, Team White made history, as Fria and Huzzah won Best of Breed and Reserve Best of Breed respectively. This year, Lydia and the Lyzahro team headed off to meet up with Das Erbe Giants in the hope of recapturing some of the excitement from the previous year. 
The small beards, as the team are known when they are all together, took to the ring first, with Hope strutting her stuff in the Graduate class. She was more settled that she had been in the previous three shows, and soon won the judge over with her long eyelashes and clean profile. Proving that being young and little was not a disadvantage in the class, she went on to take first place.
Huzzah then shot into the ring like a bullet, determined not to be outdone. He appeared to engage his brain long enough to go into "show gear" and put in the most composed and relaxed performance of his show career so far. The judge, who had never examined a white schnauzer before, was happy to award him a first. This gave Lydia a dilemma, as she had two dogs to handle in the challenge for Best of Breed! Jo, owner at Das Erbe Giants, was soon roped in to stack Hope, while Lydia moved them around the ring one at a time. The judge then had no hesitation in awarding Huzzah Best of Breed, and Hope, Reserve Best of Breed and Best Puppy! The delight on Lydia's face was plain to see, and Jo was equally pleased for the team.
Huzzah put in another solid performance in the Group, but was not placed, and Hope showed herself off to her best advantage, but was equally unlucky. Their day was complete as the judge made some very lovely comments about Hope and her movement, and said she was looking forward to seeing her as she grows.

The big beards took to the ring afterwards, and to everyone's amusement Kendra beat her older kennelmate Kaegen to 1st and Best of Breed!

G: Habanera Eldzh Hope for Lyzahro, bitch, attractive puppy, good for type, lovely dark eye, coat coming, needs to settle on the move. BP

O: Beanara Njals Saga at Lyzahro, male, good shape, harsh coat, good neck and shoulders. BOB

Huge thanks to our judge Mrs Rae Parry for thinking so highly of our dogs!

Huzzah comes into his own at Langstone.

The day after Pembroke, Lydia took off for Langstone and Dostrict Open show with Huzzah and Hope in tow, proving that there really is no rest for the wicked! Hope didn't fare quite so well in her third show, as she singularly failed to grasp the concept of letting go of the edge of Lydia's dress long enough to walk around the ring, and consequently came second behind a mature 10 month old Pepper and Salt puppy dog. Huzzah then took matters into his own paws, and took on his familiar rival Kelsey in Mini Open. The judge, Mr Landon, was intrigued by the colour of his coat (which has not always boded well for Huzzah in the past) and was keen to expand his knowledge of the colour. He was so impressed by Huzzah's performance on the day, that he awarded him 1st in the class, and Reserve Best of Breed behind the young puppy, who he deemed to be a better mover on the day.

A day to remember at Pembrokeshire and District.

Lydia and the Lyzahro team took the long drive to Haverfordwest to join Valerie and Florence in the ring for the Pembrokeshire and District Open Show. As there was only one Miniature Schnauzer class, Lydia took the brave step of handing Huzzah's lead over to a Spitz handler as they took to the ring. Things went smoothly, and to Lydia's suprise and delight, Huzzah was awarded second and Reserve Best of Breed behind Val and Florence, who's stellar performance clearly deserved the main award. Hope was not to be left out, and walked away with her very first Best Puppy in Breed award! 

 Lydia then took Florence into the Utility Group, as Val had hurt her shoulder when lifting her onto the table during the breed class. The pair, who have worked together in the ring several times before, were calm and composed as they took Adult Group 4. Hope was slightly less composed when her time came, and spend the entire time attempting to eat Lydia's legs and shoes, and the judge (all credit to her for keeping a straight face throughout!) was impressed enough to award her Puppy Group 4! 

Lydia was absolutely delighted with the day, and went home with the biggest smile on her face.

Lyzahro unveil the next generation.

Lydia and Austin are delighted to welcome the new generation of white schnauzers into the Lyzahro kennel. Saraswati Bonno Blue With Lyzahro, to be known at home as Madog, took the long overland journey from Macedonia to join our showteam, and will be making his debut in the ring in September. We are indebted to his breeder at the Saraswati Kennel, Tamja Angelkova, for making the decision to export her first puppy to the UK, and we hope that he will do us proud! 

Madog is to be co-owned by Lydia and her mother. This is the first dog that Anne has ever owned, and Madog will be living the life of luxury between shows with her, and will only be braving the madness of the Lyzahro kennel on show weekends! He'll be loved, spoilt and well cared for, and will follow Huzzah's footsteps and continue to fly the flag for white schnauzers on the UK show scene.

Hope takes to the stage.

The following day, Lydia and the Lyzahro team returned to 3 Counties Showground, and what a change 12 hours can make! The glorious sunshine was replaced by a constant drizzle, which turned torrential at times. Nothing could dampen their spirits however, as it was Hope's first show! She took the whole experience in her stride, and quite enjoyed being surrounded by Malamutes and Samoyeds! The echoes and noises did not appear to bother her, even when the microphone squealed while she was in the ring. She showed herself off to perfection, with the occasional nibble at Lydia's ankles on the way round! Her performance did not go unrewarded, and the judge awarded her a fourth.

Huzzah then took to the ring to show her how it was done, and strutted his way to a well deserved second in the AVNSC Limit class, beating several rather nice dogs in the process. 

Hope's performance was exceptionally pleasing, and we look forward to getting her back in the ring again!

Girls day out at National Working and Pastoral Breeds Championship Show.

Lydia, Kaegen and Kendra had a girly day out at 3 Counties Showground for the National Working and Pastoral Breeds Championship Show. The heat got to all the handlers and the dogs on the day, as the sun beat down relentlessly on the show ground. The Giants took to the ring in the early afternoon, with both girls putting in lovely performances to bring home a third and second respectively.

Das Erbe and Lydia shine at Bath.

Lydia and Kaegen set out to Bath Championship Show with Kahn and the Das Erbe team to attempt to secure qualification for Crufts 2016. It was a grey and murky day at the Show Ground, and the weather did not look set to improve when Kahn and Rich took to the ring for Open Dog. Kahn was unlucky to be placed in the class, and Rich unhappy to have left empty handed. Not expecting to fare any better, Lydia and Kaegen entered the ring for Open Bitch. Kaegen didn't want to get into the show spirit, and played up to Lydia in an attempt to get her to play with her rather than get down to the business of the day. The judge, Jenny Harrison Smith, a breed specialist, gave the pair a second chance to prove themselves, and asked them to move around the ring again. Luckily Kaegen settled herself enough during the final run to allow the judge to see her quality, and finally placed them second. This delighted Lydia and Jo, as this qualified Kaegen for Crufts 2016, a feat which had so far eluded the pair. 

Huzzah wows the crowds at Royal Welsh.

Suprise visitors, good weather and an unexpected result made the 2015 Royal Welsh Spring Festival an occasion to remember for the Lyzahro Gang. Huzzah, Romanii and Lydia headed down the road to the Builth Wells Show Ground to attend the Premier Open Show held in conjunction with the Royal Welsh Spring Festival. Always a good day out, last year Lydia and Kaegen came close to taking the top prize when they were shortlisted to the final six for Best in Show. This year Lydia and the Lyzahro team went alone, to meet up with Sue Jones of Droleus and their other friends. The weather was windy, but between the gusts the sun shone strongly. While Lydia was grooming Romanii, ready for him to take on his breeder in the Cavalier class, two very welcome faces made an appearance at the Lyzahro cages. Lydia's mum and dad had come to watch the team strut their stuff under the Welsh sunshine, something that was made all the more special because Anne is allergic to all dogs apart from Miniature Schnauzers. Romanii took to the ring with his usual aplomb, but was unlucky only to be placed 4th. Lydia then announced that Romanii would be ending his career as a showdog, due to his health, and retiring from the ring to take his place as a well loved pet. 

Huzzah's turn soon arrived, and the pair prepared to do battle in an unforgiving AVNSC class. Pulling out all the stops, Huzzah put in one of his better performances and delighted Lydia and her parents by walking away with a first! He was later beaten to Best AVNSC by a delightful Keeshund, who went on to take Reserve Best in Show. Lydia and her parents went home delighted with the results, and it was quite a day to remember!

Lucky Show for Lydia and Das Erbe.

Lydia, Kaegan and Kendra headed to Builth on Saturday for the Working and Pastoral Breeds of Wales Championship show. This show has historically been a good show for the Das Erbe team, with Kahn and Kaegen being big winners in their respective breed classes over the years. Jo George decided to leave Kahn behind this year and make it a girls day out with The Dream Team and Kendra. 

Things in the breed class went well, with Kendra beating a puppy from the well known Draxpark kennel, and being awarded Best Puppy in Breed. Kaegan was not so lucky, and came across the top winning Giant Bruce in the Open Class, but salvaged the day by taking a second and Best Bitch. Lydia was only too pleased to take the ring repeatedly, as it was warmer outside in the wind than it was inside the barns at the Royal Welsh Showground. 

Kendra was in a better mood than she had been at the previous open shows, and was easier to handle during the day. However the length of the day appeared to get to her by the time the Working Puppy Group was called, and she began to act up in the pre-judging ring, and really tested Lydia's patience and handling skills. The Judge, Ms Lanning, was only too keen to give her all the opportunities she needed to impress, and despite Lydia despairing of ever getting her to stand still, took Kendra into the short list in the main ring. Lydia then battled with all her might to get Kendra to stand still and look the part, but this was proving to be an almost impossible task. Ms Lanning however, must have seen something in Kendra that outweighed her behaviour and stubborness, and to Lydia, Jo, and Jim and Lesley of Draxpark's delight and astonishment, was awarded Puppy Group 3! After placing her, Ms Lanning told the stunned handler that she had impressed with her determination to work with the puppy, and that if she had behaved better, she would have easily won the Group. This really was the icing on the cake for Lydia, as she had battled incredibly hard with the young pup throughout the afternoon, and was beginning to despair of ever getting her to co-operate. It is proof of her mettle as a handler, and the quality of the puppy she has to work with.

Bearded Birthday Boy.

15th April is a very special day in the Lyzahro calendar. Our wonderful white schnauzer Huzzah turned three this year, and we simply can't work out where the time has gone! Since his arrival in our home, we've had the privilege to watch him grow and develop into a composed, loveable little character. He is a delight to live with, if a little vocal at times when someone breathes near to the front door, and is spoilt rotten every day he wakes up. He's a joy to show, and is much more than a show dog to us. We adore him, and we wish him the woofiest birthday he could want.

Happy Birthday Huzzah. We love you xxxx

Huzzah shows his credentials at Pontypool.

Lydia and the Lyzahro team took off for a day to themselves at Pontypool Open Show, a rare occasion where they were not joined by either Droleus or Das Erbe. The three thoroughly enjoyed their day out, and spent several carefree hours in the company of their friends around the ring. 

Romanii strutted his way to a third against strong competition, pleasing Sue Jones who had come purely to watch him go round.

Huzzah showed himself off to perfection in a class of four, surrounded by three pepper and salt mini's, including Fernley, who had taken Best in Show at a Limit show only the week before. Lydia went into the class, expecting little else than a fourth place behind the more "traditional" pepper and salts, but to their, and everyone else's suprise, Huzzah beat Florence into third place. Lydia was delighted, as being placed over P&S schnauzers doesn't come every day of the week!

The star of the day was our little Hope, who came with the boys for a day out, and to experience the lights, woofs and smells of a show. She had a turn walking on the mats, and although she showed a propensity to walk in a direct line behind Lydia's feet, managed this really well. Her "bombproof" credentials were proved when she was greeted by a high velocity Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, who, despite being ten times her size, thought he was small enough to play with her. The look of suprise on his face when he was met with a slap across the nose with a small black paw was an absolute masterpiece.

Kendra Does It Again.

After doing herself, Jo and Lydia proud over the last few weeks, Kendra went out of her way to show that her winning streak was not just a flash in the pan. Despite spending the entire morning at Tredegar and District Limit Show playing up, and trying to hug everything and everyone she saw, Kendra booked herself yet another appearance in the Best Puppy in Show line up. She took to the big ring after her kennelmate Kaegen had strutted her stuff with Lydia in the Best in Show ring (but unfortunately failed to win the prestigious award), and settled long enough in standing to show her beautiful profile. She excelled on the move, and really used the big ring to her advantage. The look of delight on Lydia's face when they were awarded Best Puppy in Show for the second time in five weeks was a joy to behold.

 The Lyzahro team did not do so badly, and came home with a third apiece.

A Suprise Package For Lyzahro Schnauzers.

On March 30th 2015 Lyzahro were delighted to be able to unveil the newest member of their show team - Habanera Eldzh Hope For Lyzharo, known at home as "Hope". This gorgeous and very promising 4 month old bitch has joined us all the way from the Ukraine, where she was was lovingly bred by Vytoria Borysova in the renowned Eldzh Hope Kennel. After travelling overland via the prestigious Luxemburg show, Hope arrived with us in the early hours of Monday morning, and was met by an exhausted Lydia on the M6 Toll. Since arriving back in Wales, she has proved herself to be cheeky, mischievous and full of character. She appears to be a very composed young pup, and we look forward to watching her develop into a happy, outgoing bitch.

She has already attended her first ringcraft class at Treharris and District Canine Society, and has already won herself several admirers. Huzzah and Romanii have taken to her instantly, and are currently thwarting all Lydia's attempts to teach her to behave like a normal dog. 

We are honoured to have been trusted with this lovely girl, as Eldzh Hope have not exported to the UK before, and we are very excited about her future with us.

Huzzah comes out on top at Schnauzer Club of Great Britain.

Lyzahro Schnauzers and Das Erbe Giants took the long drive across country to join up with Quintastique Miniature Schnauzers at the 85th Anniversary Championship Show of the Schnauzer Club of Great Britain. Lydia was in for a busy day as she was not only handling Huzzah, Kaegen and Kendra, but she was also taking another miniature schnauzer, Florence, and a giant, Harvey, into the ring for their owners. 

Huzzah and Fria were overlooked in their respective breed classes, much to Lydia and Rachel's disappointment. Florence was also subject to the same fate in her class. 

Kaegen was unlucky to miss out on qualifying for Crufts in Limit bitch, but walked away with a fourth. Kendra proved to be full of beans, and was a real challenge for Lydia to handle in the Puppy class, but, showing her experience and handling skills, Lydia was able to present Kendra to the high standard that people have come to expect from her, and they walked away with 1st, Best Puppy Bitch, and Reserve Best Puppy.

It was the first time that Lydia had been asked to handle Harvey, a delightful 20 month old giant boy from the Grovelea Kennels, and the two put in a sterling performance that saw the young lad win Limit dog, holding his own against older and more experienced dogs. They were unlucky not to go further in the Challenge, but Harvey's owners Dave and Lukasz were delighted to see their boy qualify for Crufts 2016.

Huzzah returned to the ring for the White Speciality Class, where last year they went home with a second behind an experienced champion from the Sybray Kennel. Huzzah and Lydia were joined by Rachel and Fria, who has recovered from her ordeal over the winter, and to their complete suprise, Huzzah was awarded Best White Speciality in Show, and came home with a rosette that was bigger than his head!

Business as usual at Pontypridd Open Show.

After all the excitement and hype of Crufts 2015, Lydia and Das Erbe Giants settled back into their usual open show routine of turning up, sweeping the board and walking away again. 

Huzzah, being recognised at every step as "the famous white schnauzer". bounded into the ring with his usual manic excitability. He proved himself to be a "big occasion dog", and refused to settle into his usual stride, and ended up sauntering into third place, with a mischievous twinkle in his eye. Romanii was penalised by the judge for lacking certain *ahem* accoutrement. 

Kaegen, acting like she hadn't seen Lydia in months (when in fact it had only been eight whole days), threw herself out of the cage and pinned her handler down, and would not let her out of paw reach for the remainder of the day. For the first time, Kaegen and Kendra entered the same class, with the young puppy being handled by Rich, Kahn's normal handler. Kaegen sailed into first and best of breed, acting like the seasoned pro that she is, but Kendra decided that she wasn't entirely happy with the state of affairs, and played Rich up to the point that the experienced handler was not able to cope with her exuberance. Lydia took over in an attempt to calm Kendra down, but she was lucky to be awarded Best Puppy in Breed. 

Lydia and Kaegen shone in the Group ring, and were awarded Working Group 4. Although this is the lowest placing they have ever had at this show, it was still a wonderful moment for the pair. 

Lydia took a deep breath and returned to the ring with Kendra in tow for the Puppy Group. The youngster had calmed down somewhat, but still wasn't convinced that standing still was required. She was settled on the move, and impressed the judge so much that he awarded her Puppy Group 2.

Huzzah wows the crowds at Crufts 2015.

After weeks of anticipation, grooming, excitement and woofing, Team White set out for Crufts 2015 in high spirits. Lydia had attended Working and Pastoral day with Das Erbe Giants, and she and Kaegen had unfortunately left without being placed. Lyzahro Schnauzers drove to Birmingham with no expectations of the day, but determined to have fun and show themselves off to their best advantage. 

While they were aware that several people from the Miniature Schnauzer forum were planning on attending Utility day, Lydia and Austin were genuinely overwhelmed by the sheer number of people who turned up at ring side, wearing "Team White" badges, who stopped to stroke the "Famous White Schnauzer" and who wanted photos of, and with, him. 

Huzzah was entered in the biggest class of the day, with 18 entries. He took to the ring with complete confidence, and put in a stellar performance that, despite not getting placed on the day, made Lydia proud of him. He was admired by many people both in and around the ring, and had so many photos taken of him that we were suprised he wasn't seeing stars!
His sponsors were there to see his debut performance on the green carpet, and were delighted by his confidence on the big stage. He was also followed by the reporter, Laura, from Dogs In The News, who had been captivated by his cheeky and winning ways. 

The day was topped off for the Lyzahro Kennel when they were approached by the Kennel Club to appear on the famous purple Crufts sofa alongside Clare Balding, live on Channel 4. Lydia's response was to swing Huzzah up into the air and give him a huge hug and a kiss. The delight on the faces of their supporters and admirers was plain to see, and they raised a glass of champagne to the little white man sitting on the folding chair, who has worked his way into the hearts of so many people. 

Lydia and Huzzah made their way across to the Channel 4 studio, attracting attention, lovely compliments and making people laugh with his clownish antics over a piece of cheese. He sat on the purple sofa next to Clare Balding, but refused to eat cheese out of her hand, and made her laugh by presenting his backside to the camera! Once on air, he was the perfect little man, so well behaved and had worked his way into her heart by the time he left!

We are overwhelmed by the amount of support and love that we have had over the last few months, and cannot thank our friends and supporters enough. It was incredible to see so many of you there, and to have so many wonderful photos and memories from our first outing on the famous green carpets. This is merely the first step in our journey to get white schnauzers the recognition they deserve, and we hope that with Huzzah's performance and appearance on television we have done something for the breed. The world has not seen enough of Team White - Crufts 2016, here we come.

Friends in high places!

Touching Tribute to Team White From The Miniature Schnauzer Community.

Lyzahro Schnauzers received a very touching tribute from all their supporters in the miniature schnauzer community. A video was posted on Facebook to a Schnauzer forum that has been tracking Huzzah's journey to Crufts closely. It contained inspirational songs, and personal messages of support and love for Huzzah and Lydia. Those who saw it posted messages below declaring their support for Team White, and wishing them all the luck in the world for the upcoming competition. With their permission, we've reproduced the video below.

Lydia and all those involved with Lyzahro Schnauzers are genuinely overwhelmed by the amount of support that they have been shown in the last few weeks, and are touched that so many people are travelling to Crufts to see our little man in the fur. There are not enough words in the world to show you all how grateful, touched and how loved we are feeling. Thank you is so very inadequate for the amount of belief you all have shown in Huzzah and Team White, but thank you. Thank you all.

Good luck Huzzah and Lydia

Team White's fame spreads.

Much to the delight of all here at Lyzahro, we were approached over the weekend by a journalist at Dogs In The News asking to write and publish an article on our very own Team White. Encouraged and supported by family and family across the world and on social media, we opened up the doors to our kennel to the media for the very first time. The result? An article detailing Huzzah's battle to qualify for Crufts, and the reasons behind Lydia and Huzzah's special bond.

If you would like to know more, read on.....

Crufts 2015 #ShowTails

Lydia and Kendra sweep the board at Llynfi Valley.

Sunday February 22nd saw Lydia, Huzzah and Romanii head off to the final open show before Crufts. They joined up with Das Erbe Giants and Droleus Cavaliers for what was to be the most memorable day of the show season so far. Huzzah took to the ring to strut his stuff in AVNSC Utilty, winning his class, but unfortunately lost out on Best AVNSC. Romanii was handled by Catherine, Lydia's junior handling protege to a respectable fourth in Cavalier Graduate. Lydia was disappointed not to be able to handle Romanii herself, but at the time he was due in the ring, his class clashed with something rather special happening in the Working ring. An hour or so earlier, Lydia and Jo had taken to the ring together for the first time, as the handler for Kahn was unable to make it to the show. Jo took charge of stacking the young puppy, while Lydia ran the dogs around the ring and presented them for the judge to assess. Kendra suprised everyone by knocking Kahn out, and walking away with not only the Best Puppy in Breed rosette, but also the Best of Breed! With absolutely no expectations at all, the pair made their way into the Adult Working Group Ring, and to the suprise and delight of everyone watching, Kendra was awarded the Adult Working Group 1 place! This automatically qualified her for the Puppy Working Group 1, meaning that the 7 month old puppy had booked herself a ticket into Best in Show as well as Best Puppy in Show.

Lydia bounded out of the ring and round to the Toy Group judging to watch Sue Jones be awarded Toy Puppy Group 1 with her 7 month old Cavalier bitch. Things could not have been better! Unfortunately this meant a very long day for all involved, and while Kendra and Iolanthii slept the afternoon away, Lydia, Jo and Sue settled in to watch the remainder of the judging.

Best in Show rolled around (eventually!) and Lydia and Kendra took to the ring, drawing comments from all those who had stayed to watch. While Best in Show eluded them on this occasion, the pair remained in the ring for Best Puppy in Show undaunted, and appearing to take great delight in all the attention, and generally enjoying their time in the spotlight. The pair drew deserving cheers from spectators, supporters and others as they were finally awarded Best Puppy in Show from a strong line up, and celebrated with a massive hug, Kendra standing up on her back legs to embrace her handler, and with a quick game of tug of war with "squeaky weasel", the only thing that had kept Kendra's focus through the day! As they flew around the ring to tumultuous applause for their lap of honour, owner Jo's response to the many congratulations she received made onlookers laugh - "you could have knocked me over with a wet kipper!" Not bad for only their second show together.... and it goes to show that Lydia's golden touch with Giant puppies continues! 


We are absolutely delighted to announce that Schnoozing Schnauzers Pet Services have become Huzzah's sponsors...and just in time for Crufts! SSPS is a company that provide every pet accessory that you can think of, as well as all your pets favourite treats and food! SSPS is owned and operated by Trica Cockshott, whi in turn is schnupervised by her own bearded family, Bella, Honey and Atlas, three gorgeous pepper and salt miniature schnauzers. You can find out more about Schnoozing Schnauzers on Huzzah's page.

Welcome to the Team White Family guys!

Utility Breeds Association Of Wales.

Huzzah and Lydia took to the ring on the 7th February in an all Utility breed show, a mere four weeks before the start of the Greatest Dog Show On Earth. He put in his usual solid performance to bring home a third place in the Post Graduate Class, but as always, he provided entertainment for all at ringside by bouncing four foot in the air at every opportunity. His look of shock and outrage when Lydia dared to take another dog into the ring was hilarious to behold. This didn't deter Lydia however, and she handled the Champion Shar Pei DeeDee to 1st and Best of Breed. DeeDee went on to delight her owners Linda and Clive by walking away with Best in Show at the end of the day!

Huzzah's next show will be another local open show in a fortnight's time, and this will his last outing before he steps paw on the green carpet at Crufts on March 8th. The excitement levels here at Lyzahro are certainly building!

Another Giant Win for Lydia and Das Erbe.

Twelve months ago Lydia returned to the ring after major spinal surgery at Cardiff Canine Society, reuniting with Kaegen in the process. Exactly twelve months later she took to the ring again with four very special four legged friends to celebrate twelve months bad in the ring. 

Huzzah showed his little socks off to gain a respectable fifth place. Kaegen strutted her stuff to 1st in Post Graduate and reserve best of breed behind her kennel mate Kahn, who out showed and out performed her on the day.

To everyone's suprise, Lydia stepped into the ring with a six month old Giant puppy from the Das Erbe Kennel, known as Kendra, who's arrival had been kept almost a complete secret. She danced her way to Best Puppy, and then to a very well deserved Puppy Group 3, proving that Lydia's magic touch in the puppy group still holds strong!

Unfortunately Romanii missed his class as Lydia's back was beginning to show the strain, and she had to leave before the Cavaliers were called.


Kendra, Best Puppy, Working Puppy Group 3 Age 6 months.

Happy birthday Romanii!

Romanii celebrated his 2nd birthday in grand style on January 10th. While Lydia was confined to bed due to a bad fall, Romanii and Huzzah joined her and Austin in bed for, the day, a rare treat for the two boys. He was spoilt rotten with his favourite things, ham, cheese and scrambly egg. It's hard to believe that the little, mischievous bundle of fluff that arrived on the kitchen floor eighteen months ago has reached the age of two. Time seems to have slipped past rather quickly, and he's just not old enough to be two!!


Lyzahro are seeing clearly.

We are delighted to announce that Huzzah (Beanara Njals Saga) has been given a clear eye test certificate. He has been declared free from the below congenital and non congenital conditions:

Congenital Hereditary Cateracts.

Hereditary Cateracts.

Generalised Progressive Retinal Atrophy.

2015 kicks off in style for Team White.

Lydia, Romanii and Huzzah ended the festivities and kick started the new year at Bridgend and District Kennel Association Open Show on January 4th. Romanii took to the ring with his usual flare, and thoroughly delighted the spectators by appearing to laugh all the way to a third place. Huzzah, having waited all day for his class to be called, bounced into the ring and immediately made his presence known by squealing at the top of his voice. The Judge, taking it all in good part, asked him what was so exciting that he had to shout about it. Huzzah obviously made an impression on him, and was eventually given a third in a 

strong AVNSC Utility Class. As ever, we are delighted with our boys achievements.


Lyzahro Schnauzers would like to wish all of our family, friends and supporters a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years. 2014 has been a remarkable year for us, with Lydia and Kahn winning their first RCC for Das Erbe Giants, and Kagen continuing to win everything she sets her sights on!
Huzzah has grown into a consumate little showman, who delights us day in and day out. 2014 has seen him gain some rather special "firsts" - his first ever Reserve Best of Breed at Hereford, followed by a Best of Breed at The Vale of Glamorgan, making the Best in Show line up at Chepstow, and topping it off with his qualification for Crufts 2015.  Romanii has also achieved more than we thought possible for him, starting his show career in the companion classes, and moving on to "proper" shows, and being successfully placed each time he has stepped paw in the ring.
At home they continue to prove themselves to be loveable, affectionate, daft, and chock full of character. We have watched them develop into grown up dogs over the past twelve months, and it has been an absolute delight to see their characters grow and deepen, and to see them confidently adapt to all the new challenges that they have faced. 

Thank you all for supporting Lyzahro Schnauzers, Team White and Das Erbe's Dream Team during the year, we really appreciate it, and love hearing from you.
To all our dog show friends, good luck in the ring next year. and to all our other friends, we wish you every happiness. We really hope that 2015 brings you all you could wish for, and that it is a year full of sunshine, smiles and joy for you all.

Dream Team Back On Top At Blackwood.

After a three month separation, Lydia and Kaegen reunited at Blackwood and District Open Show, and walked away with Best of Breed and Working Group 2. The sheer delight in each other was obvious when Kaegen flew out of her cage and forcibly pinned Lydia to the floor with bearded kisses. The pair showed that no amount of time apart could lessen their affection or joy at being in the ring, and they drew compliments from all bystanders.

Huzzah showed his little socks off to a fourth place in his class, although he and Lydia appeared a little rushed, as at the start of the class Lydia was in a different ring judging the Junior and Adult Handling! The two composed themselves enough to put in a solid performance, and to bring home yet another placing.

Lydia's first judging appointment was a real success, with a large entry of 6-11 year olds in the Junior Handling. The standard was high throughout, and she was able to test her handlers with more complicated tasks, and questions about their breeds.


Class 43 6-11 Years

1st. 116 Poppy Wynter.  A talented young handler, who demonstrated a good rapport with her dog throughout the class. Handled with flare and confidence, and was very aware of space in the ring, using it to her advantage. Knowledgeable about her breed, and showed evident enjoyment in the ring. A real prospect for the future and a pleasure to watch. BEST JUNIOR HANDLER.

2nd. 114 Jodie Cook. A young handler who worked well with her dog. Showed some confidence, but needs to build more of a connection with her dog. Handled well, but needs practice to improve her confidence and ability. One for the future.  

3rd 117 Ebony Hooper. Another young handler who shows promise. Handled well, but needs to work on the relationship with her dog. Pleasing to watch and will improve with practice.

4th 120 Catherine K. A real novice handler, who worked well with a difficult dog. She was pushed hard today by the dog, but showed promise. Needs to work on her confidence and be more engaged with the dog. 

Abs: 3

Class 44 12-16 Years.

Abs: 1

Adult Handing.

Class 45 17+ Male.

1st 124 Ian Anthony. A solid handler who demonstrated good rapport with his dog and a good command of the ring. Well presented throughout.

2nd R. Turley. Handled well with a good connection with his dog. Showed a good ring presence.

Abs: 0

Class 46 17+ Female

1st 128 Melissa Phillips. As ever, a joy to watch. A beautifully presented Cavalier, sympathetically handled. Very knowledgeable about her breed, and demonstrated flare and her unique style in her handling. Handled well in the challenge, coping admirably with a harder task. Confident throughout and an absolute pleasure to judge. BEST ADULT HANDLER.

2nd 131 R. Turley. Well handled throughout, with a good grasp of ring work and space. Well presented dog and a good connection with the dog obvious throughout.

3rd 129 Annette Shearman. A good handler with an older dog. Well presented throughout and a lovely team that worked well together in the ring.

4th 126 Margaret Garrett. A dependable handler with a good rapport with her dog. Lovely to see them working so well together. 

Abs: 4

More success for Team White.

Lyzahro Schnauzers took to the ring again on the 9th November after a well deserved break that saw Lydia head off to Turkey for some hard earned sunbathing, while Huzzah and Romanii spent a week being spoilt at Lydia's parent's house. The trio went to Port Talbot and District Open Show in the driving rain, which did nothing to dampen their spirits. The team met up with Sue Jones of Droleus Cavaliers (Romanii's breeder) , and Lydia's junior handling protege Catherine, for a day of rosettes and laughter. Romanii strutted into the ring for the Cavalier class, and held his own against more experienced dogs. finally taking second place, and delighting his friends around the ring. In the very short time he has been in the show ring, he really is capturing the hearts of those who already support Team White!
Huzzah, determined not to be outdone, showed himself off with his usual aplomb, and also took a second, behind the delightful Florence.
Droleus Cavaliers took home Best Puppy in Breed, two fourths and a third, which delighted Sue and Lydia. Catherine put in her best performance in the Junior Handling Class, taking a third, and qualifying for the Junior Handling Association Semi Finals.
The day was a repeat of many previous shows when Lydia used to handle for the Droleus Kennel, and great fun was had by all.


Huzzah and Lydia were left delighted and a little shocked when they took to the ring at South Wales Kennel Association Championship Show. As usual Huzzah was the only white Miniature Schnauzer present, as his sister was due to have puppies at any point, and the pair were prepared to be outnumbered and overlooked in the ring. Huzzah cheerfully went head to head with a class of Pepper and Salt Schnauzers, and to the absolute delight of the pair, and their friends around the ring, Huzzah was placed second in Post Graduate Dog, qualifying him for Crufts 2015. Huzzah is the first dog owned outright by Lydia to qualify for Crufts, although she has been handling on the green carpet since the age of 10, making this qualification very special. 

Lydia also had the opportunity to handle the delightful Florence, a young pepper and salt bitch from West Wales, and took 5th in the largest bitch class of the day.

Twelve Months of Team White.

Lyzahro Schnauzers are celebrating twelve months of their distinctive Team White being out and about in the show ring. Huzzah and Lydia returned to Treharris and District Open Show in October 2014, the show at which they made their showing debut twelve months ago. Huzzah was the victim of unfortunate circumstances, and was placed fourth due to colour, and the fact that the judge was unaware of the breed standard with regard to the correct colouring in Schnauzers. 

However the real suprise of the day for those following Lyzahro Schnauzers was Romanii. Our Trepid Hunter-Splorer and blogger took to the ring for the very first time in a "proper" show after being given exemption from the Kennel Club to be shown, and took a third in Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Open. He was delighted to be in the ring, and was a real delight to show. 

Lyzahro Continue To Impress.

Only a fortnight after Huzzah's impressive Best of Breed win at the Vale of Glamorgan Open Show, he carried on his run of placings with a second  at Monmouthshire Agricultural Society Open Show. He was given every opportunity to improve his placing and win the class and another Best of Breed, however his one ear refused to lie flat, leaving him looking like he was attempting to tune into Radio 2. 

Kaegen then decided that it was her day, and won her class, and Best Any Variety Not Separetely Classified Working, beating her kennel mate Kahn on the day, in the first head to head competition since Llynfi Valley, back before Crufts in March. She was unlucky not to progress any further on the day, which on the whole was not a bad thing, as soon after she left the ring the heavens opened and we all got soaked!

Huzzah Proves That Whites Are Alright At The Vale of Glamorgan.

Huzzah took the Vale of Glamorgan Open Show by storm, strutting his way to his first Best of Breed award, much to the delight of his admirers and the Lyzahro Team. He attracted lots of attention both in and out of the ring, and by the time he stepped paw in the Utility Group Ring, he'd drawn quite a gathering of fans and interested spectators. Lydia was delighted, and slightly overcome at winning their first Best of Breed in an Open Show, and they both thoroughly enjoyed their time in the spotlight in the Group Ring. We would like to give huge thanks to our Judge for thinking so highly of our wonderful boy.

Kaegen, determined not to be outdone, won her class and Reserve Best Any Variety Not Seperately Classified Working. A fantastic day was had by all.

Team White Sweeps The Board At Hereford!

Lyzahro Schnauzers met up with their close friends Quintastique Miniature Schnauzers at Hereford and District Kennel Association and had a day to remember. Rachel Jones, owner and handler at Quintastique, and Huzzah's sister Fria, strutted their stuff alongside Lydia and Huzzah, and the two white schnauzers surprised everyone by sweeping the board of awards. Fria danced her way to 1st in Open Miniature Schnauzer, and Huzzah showed his little socks off to win 1st in Graduate. Lydia and Rachel took the two into the Best of Breed line up without further expectations, and were determined to enjoy every second in the ring. The looks of shock and surprised on their faces when Fria was awarded Best of Breed and Huzzah following up with the Reserve Best of Breed, and the delight from the spectators at ring side showed how far the pair had worked their way into the hearts of their supporters. Fria showed herself off to her best advantage in the Utility Group, and Huzzah followed her lead in the Reserve Group, but neither were to go further on the day. Huge thanks to the Judge for thinking so highly of Team White!

Team White went home with big rosettes and even bigger smiles.

Romanii also strutted his stuff in the Companion show, and came home with two rosettes of his own, a third in Most Appealing Eyes, and a first in AV Handled By A Lady. He was delighted with his Ribbonythings, and is hoping that this will kick start his companion show career!

CRITQUE: Williams' Beanara Njals Saga At Lyzahro. White boy, good overall size and shape. Good head shape, flying his ears a bit today, lovely dark pigment and eyes. Reachy neck, well laid shoulders and nice short back. Harsh jackt, but trimming a bit severe. RBOB.

Huzzah continues his run of placings at Langstone Canine Society.

Lyzahro Schnauzers continued to win over judges and members of the public at Langstone and District Canine Society, and was placed second in his class. He showed himself off with delight against Pepper and Salt schnauzers, and impressed the judge with his antics outside of the ring, and was described as "exactly what a schnauzer should be", after being seen to jump from the floor to the grooming table, clearing the cage with room to spare.

Huzzah continues to impress the judges, and entertains us with his cheeky ways and obvious delight at being in the ring.

Sun shines on Lyzahro Schnauzers.

Lyzahro Schnauzers headed off to Evesham and District Open Show under lowering skies, and arrived in the middle a cloudburst which looked set to carry on throughout the day. The rain couldn't dampen their spirits long, and as they took to the ring the sun came out. Huzzah performed to his usual high standard, after clowning around outside the ring for half an hour. He had slight issues with the pink table that he was expected to stand on, and made the judge laugh with his obvious distaste for it. He was awarded third in the largest AVNSC Utility class in the day, and continues his recent run of form, being placed at every show he has been to!

Windsor proves a Royal success for Lydia and Das Erbe!

Set before the beautiful and imposing backdrop of Windsor Castle, Windsor Championship Show is always a good day out. Lydia and Das Erbe Giants travelled up on an overcast day with an uncompromising sky that promised rain, and threatened thunder. However the sun broke out as they arrived and stretched their legs ready to go into the ring under the eye of breed specialist Sue Cox. Lydia and Kahn took to the ring in Post Graduate Dog, winning it with their usual flare, and returned ten minutes later for the Dog Challenge. The Dog Ticket went to the winner of Limit Dog, a relative of The Beast, and all eyes were on the Reserve Ticket. The delight from owner Jo outside the ring was plain to see as Lydia and Kahn were awarded the Reserve Dog CC, and Lydia celebrated by dropping to her knees to give Kahn the biggest hug she could. 

Lydia then took Kaegen in for her class, and won, and returned to challenge for the Bitch CC. No other awards were to come their way however, but the euphoria from winning her first RDCC carried her through the rest of the show. 


1st Georges Kawa’s Intrepid Von Das-Erbe (Imp Deu). 2years old. An ‘Honest Dog’ of correct type, Correct Head, Dark Eye, good length of Muzzle, correct dentition, Not using his ears to best advantage, Good strong neck, Excellant forequarters, Deep Chest, sloping top line, enough hind angulation, good profile movement covering the ground well, but not so positive behind going away, Excellant crisp hard coat, at times not co-operating with his young handler but when settled looked the part. Res CC 

Georges Debutante Von Schloss Ehrenberg mit Daserbe (Imp Deu). 2yr old Girl, Feminine head, dark eye, good bite strong muzzle, arched neck into good front assembly deep chest, strong hindquarters, a little long cast and at times losing her top line, Exuberant on the move today, pushing her handler, well presented.

Thanks to Breed Specialist Sue Cox.

Winning streak continues for Lyzahro.

Huzzah continued his 100% placings streak at Chepstow and District Canine Society on June 15th. He showed his little socks off to win his class, and then continued to shine as he was shortlisted to the final line up for Best in Show. He attracted a range of compliments from other exhibitors and members of the public as he strutted, bounced and clowned about at ringside, before going into the ring and acting the consummate little showman. Such a brilliant result for him, and we're delighted that he was able to show that he is so much more than just his colour!

Happy birthday Lydia!

We're celebrating a very special birthday here at  Lyzahro today, on June 9th. The owner of Lyzahro Schnauzers, and the second half of Das Erbe Giants Dream Team, our very own Lydia, celebrates her birthday a mere eight days after her handling partner Kaegen! This is just one of the things that make this handling team so very special. 

Lydia, who turns 26 today, is celebrating with Huzzah and Romanii and other members of the Lyzahro family. We hope she has a wonderful day, and that the coming year brings her everything that she could wish for, both in and out of the ring. 

Lydia and Kaegen stride out in style.

Lydia and Das Erbe Giants spent a wet and windy saturday at Three Counties Championship Show at the beginning of June. Despite arriving in the middle of a heavy downpour, not much could dampen the Dream Team's spirits. On arrival at the benches, both Kaegen and Kahn looked more like drowned rats than show dogs, but ten minutes with a towel donated from some good friends soon sorted that out. Kahn strutted his stuff to Reserve Best Dog, and enjoyed stretching his legs in a big ring. Kaegen and Lydia dominated the Bitch classes, winning Best Bitch and taking Reserve Best of Breed behind the winner of Best Dog. Typically the sun shone all the way home.

Happy Birthday Kaegen!

One half of the Dream Team celebrated their birthday on June 1st. Kaegen, who has delighted those who spectate around the Giant rings with her cheeky ways, adoring face and her obvious love of being in the ring, was 2 years old, celebrating on a rare weekend away from the show ring. Her handler Lydia, who adores Kaegen, couldn't be with them, but Kaegen knows exactly how loved she is! 


Sun shines on Das Erbe Giants at Bath Canine Society Championship Show.

After three days of pouring rain at Bath Championship Show Lydia and Das Erbe went armed with wellies for the Working and Pastoral day. The sun broke through for the day, just in time to see Kahn win Post Graduate Dog, and show himself off to his best advantage in the Dog Challenge, and Kaegen and Lydia, not to be outdone, win Post Graduate Bitch, and put in a strong performance in the Bitch Challenge. Neither were to go any further on the day, but it was another successful day out for the Das Erbe Kennel.

Kaegen takes centre stage at the Royal Welsh Spring Festival.

The sun was certainly shining on Lyzahro Schnauzers and Das Erbe Giants at the Royal Welsh Spring Festival on Saturday 18th May. Lydia and Huzzah travelled to the Royal Welsh Showground in Builth Wells and joined up with Das Erbe Giants for what was to be a memorable day for the two kennels. Huzzah strutted his stuff under the midday sun, taking a creditable fourth place at his first outdoor show. He had a little trouble realising that grass isn't just for playing on, and shows aren't all indoors! But he was a delight as ever, and did us proud.
Kaegen showed off in her class, and impressed the judge to the extent that he raved about her and awarded her Best AVNSC Working. She then got to relax all day until Best In Show, where she once again braved the blazing sun to put in a stellar performance which saw her shortlisted to the final line up for the Best In Show award. Highlights of the day included Huzzah bouncing four foot in the air when someone mentioned a burger, and Lydia dancing with Kaegen in the main ring while waiting to be judged. It was only after she'd danced like a loony for five minutes did someone point out the TV camera that was watching them the whole time.... But at least it kept Kaegen awake!

National Dog Show is a success.

Despite the weather, Das Erbe Giants continued their recent run of form at the National Dog Show in Stafford on the 11th May. Kaegen took second in Post Graduate Bitch, and Kahn, first in Post Graduate Dog. This was the first time since Lydia's surgery that she handled The Beast as he is affectionately known, and the two had a lovely day, even though it involved handling in the rain during the classes! 
Lydia was also delighted to be given the opportunity to handle a young Giant puppy, Draxpark Jackpot "Pink" for Lesley and Jim Parker (Draxpark) in the Bitch Challenge. A lovely puppy, totally full of beans, and an absolute delight to show.

Happy Birthday Huzzah!

April 15th arrived quietly and went out with a celebration for Beanara Njals Saga At Lyzahro, it was his second birthday! He celebrated with some mince, cheese and scrambled egg.... who says we don't party in style at this kennel?!

Huzzah is loved beyond all belief, and, although we will deny it in company, totally spoilt. He is truly a wonderful dog, the consummate showman, and the best friend in the world.

Happy birthday special little man. We love you.


Huzzah (Beanara Njals Saga at Lyzahro) was shown at his first Championship Show, held by The Schnauzer Club of Great Britain in Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Coventry on 29/03/14, and continued his run of placings by taking second in a class reserved for White Miniature Schnauzers only. This means that in his last five shows at all levels, he has achieved seven placings! 

Critique to follow.


We are delighted to announce that The Old Railway Line Garden Centre are coming into partnership with Lyzahro Schnauzers for the 2014 show season, and will be sponsoring the gorgeous Huzzah (Beanara Njals Saga at Lyzahro). This is a very exciting new deal, and we can't wait to see where it will lead!

A link to our Sponsor's webpage can be found on Huzzah's page.


Lydia and Kaegen (Debutante Vom Schloss Erhenberg Mit Das Erbe) returned to the show where they formed their incredibly successful partnership in 2013, and once again swept the board, winning 1st, Best of Breed and Working Group 1! The day was a really special one, because twelve months earlier they stepped into the ring together at Pontypridd and District Open Show as complete strangers, and, making an immediate impact on each other, showed like they'd been together for years. The bond they have is extremely special, and it has only grown stronger and stronger over the last twelve months. 

There was obvious delight from friends and admirers of the pair and spectators at the show as the two exhibited their way with sheer enjoyment right through to the Best in Show ring, and the love and adoration that they so obviously have for each other shone through as they managed to have a quiet moment together in the main ring.


Crufts 2014 was a great success for Das Erbe Giant Schnauzers, with Kaegen (Debutante Vom Schloss Erhenberg Mit Das Erbe) taking second in a strong Post Graduate Bitch class, and kennel mate Kahn (Kawa's Intrepid Von Das Erbe) winning Post Graduate Dog! The day started early, and ended late, but was completely worth it. Crufts is a special show for all exhibitors, breeders, handlers and spectators. The delight for Lydia, Kaegen and Jo George was to be recognised for all their hard work and to come home with a coveted rosette. Congratulations!

More Show Success For Lydia And Das Erbe Giants.

Lydia and Kaegen (Debutante Vom Schloss Ehrenberg Mit Das Erbe) had another Best of Breed win at Llynfi Valley Open Show on Sunday 23rd February, bringing them another step closer to their Show Certificate of Merit. 

Countdown to CRUFTS 2014.

February 18th : Crufts is creeping ever nearer, and things are starting to get busy for Lyzahro and Das Erbe Giants. With only two shows to go before they head to the Greatest Dog Show in the World, there's still plenty of preperation to do! Kaegen and Kahn are almost ready, and are looking forward to two last run outs before they travel to the NEC in Birmingham to strut their stuff on the green carpet.






January 10th marked a very special day for Droleus My Boy Romanii for Lyzahro - it was his first birthday! He may be growing up, but there's no sign of any common sense yet.... we can't see that any will develop, but we love him anyway! Happy birthday little man, you are more loved than you know.


New Show Season Starts for Lyzahro

January 27th: 2014 has kicked off in style for Lyzahro and Das Erbe Giants with a run of successes in the first few shows of the new year. Fingers crossed it'll keep up!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We hope that you have a very happy, healthy and prosperous year in 2014, both in and out of the ring! Looking forward to seeing you all in the New Year.



Supporting the Poppy Appeal on Remembrance Sunday.

A New Adventure for Lyzahro

We are pleased to announce that Beanara Njals Saga at Lyzahro, known at home as Huzzah, has joined the Lyzahro Showing and Agility Kennel.

 We are very excited about the arrival of this fabulous boy, and are looking forward to showing him in the UK and Ireland.

Huzzah @16months. 

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